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Canon EOS 7D vs Barbie Video Girl

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 10th, 2010

Love this  camera comparison – the Canon EOS 7D vs Barbie Video Girl on Planet5D Blog.

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Holidays are coming!

Posted by Leanne Bayley on December 8th, 2009

So Christmas is upon us, the red Starbucks cups are gracing chilly hands, the tills are ringing with lavish present buying and tonight we even had carol singers at the door (boys wearing hoodies with their hands cupped, Oliver style – aww how lovely).

Today was the first day I actually felt a little bit of festive cheer; I watched a cheesy Christmas film, I looked in awe at my sister’s Christmas tree and I finally started to think about what I had to buy. Ahhh lots to do in a short amount of time, I’m beginning to feel nervous.

Present buying is tricky when you love shopping (for yourself) as I can’t get past looking for presents for me. Plus I never seem to know what to buy people, especially the ones that appear to have everything already. I love getting people surprises rather than presents they know about and most of all I have to think about the pennies, what with this darned recession.

I think Selfridges will be my saving grace this Christmas, it’s like Toys ‘R’ us for grown ups. I will also be hitting Marc by Marc for some last minute cheap designer goodies. I think Urban Outfitters is great for some cool home presents and I don’t think you can go wrong with a scented candle from Jo Malone.

As I frantically scour online for possible presents I have discovered something so utterly fabulous words can not explain. I introduce to you the limited edition Christian Louboutin for Barbie ‘Cat Burglar’ doll, which comes with three extra pairs of mini Louboutin shoes – each with a box and shoe bag. It’s £100 and is available on Think this could be the perfect present for that friend in your life that just has everything.

So everyone, I wish you all the best of luck with your Christmas shopping and please don’t tell me you’ve finished yours already as I may just go into meltdown.


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Year Of The Barbie – it’s Barbie’s 50th Birthday in 2009

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 1st, 2009

original Barbie Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie celebrates 50 fabulous years of unapologetic glam in 2009. Barbie was created on March 9th 1959 by Ruth Handler, who named her after her daughter Barbara.

There are many things that influenced my becoming a fashion stylist and I’m sure my love of dolls was one of them. I really loved dolls, and I had quite a few Barbie dolls when I was little and I don’t think they harmed my self-esteem. If anything I felt less alone because the dolls were fun and they were my friends. I think I had about 6 Barbie dolls.

For the past 50 years Barbie has worked with more than 70 of the biggest names in fashion. So it’s no surprise that Mattel has embarked on a three-year deal with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. Fifty designers will be producing Barbie-inspired life-size garments. Vera Wang will design a Barbie-size and life-size wedding gown. Jeremy Scott will create a capsule collection inspired by Barbie that will debut at Colette on March 12th during Paris Fashion Week. During New York Fashion Week there be a special fashion show in honour of Barbie and Christian Louboutin is planning to design shoes in Pantone 219 – Barbie pink for the show. This January the House of Barbie opens in Shanghai, spanning 35,000 sq ft with 8 floors, including a spa, runway and restaurants.

Mattel Canada has partnered with Canadian designer brands including fashion designer David Dixon, bath and body line Cake Beauty, jewellery house Foxy Originals, home and décor expert Glenn Dixon and retailer Town Shoes to create product lines inspired by Barbie.

On her birthday, Mattel will launch a souvenir doll honouring the original Barbie in her black-and-white striped swimsuit. It will be available for purchase only on her birthday!

Click here for more Barbie facts!

 Barbie 1960 Fashion Desginer(1) Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie 1962 Barbie Red Flare(1) Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie 1968 Snug Fuzz Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie 1971 Live Action Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie Black 1969 Christie Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie 1990 Fashion Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie Diamond Castle Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009Barbie Ken Year Of The Barbie   its Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009


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Barbie iDesign on the Cat Walk

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 16th, 2008

BarbieCase Barbie iDesign on the Cat Walk

Fashion is everywhere and so many little girls are having fun being designers & stylists. There is a new fashion game by Mattel called Barbie iDesign; it’s an online fashion design game for girls with cool outfits and a runway show. It still reminds me a bit of paper dolls but a far more updated version that I would have loved as a girl. I love the packaging; it comes with a CD-ROM, a USB-connected scanner, and a selection fashion cards that can be “swiped” to transfer the cards’ outfits and accessories onto the computer.

Check out super cool blogger, Laura Moncur at Gadget Pages, she attended the 2008 International CES in Las Vegas and wrote the best blog about Barbie Girls and Barbie iDesign!

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 6th, 2008

MyWardrobe, Barbie and Ertés fashion paper doll books

I love shopping online and I love when I find something new that reminds me of something old. I used to love playing with dolls. I don’t remember how many Barbie dolls I had but I wasn’t into Barbie stuff: the house, the car etc. It’s odd now that I think about it, as I’m still not into all that stuff. I used to love paper doll books too and I’d never cut them up; I’d just admire them. I was browsing My and there are a couple of functions that seem really reminiscent of playing with dolls and paper dolls.

Both of the functions take place in the fitting room.

1. Products – If you click “day dresses” you’ll see all the day dresses. The images are quite small so it has a paper doll effect – which I quite like. (It’s not the only way to see the items, there is a see all function if you start of at Clothing – which then has larger images.)
2. Looks – If you click on any of the images you get a mood board of look and you can click on each garment for more information. it’s kind of fun!

…and for the real thing – check out Erté’s fashion paper doll books!

Erte, Barbie and Ertés fashion paper doll books

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