I love makeup but don’t usually like shopping for it and I often rely on the makeup artists that I work with for their advice and suggestions. This time I just wanted to venture out on my own so I thought I’d pay Illamasqua on Beak Street a visit. The staff was very helpful andContinue reading

Alex Box did blue lips for Hannah Marshall’s A/W2010 catwalk show. Generally I don’t like blue lips, every makeup artist loves doing them but usually badly… The makeup for Hannah’s show was beautiful. Alex used Mac Pro Lip Mix in blue blended with Lip Mix in black. The contours of the face and the silveryContinue reading

Mei-Hui Liu of VIctim always does an incredible show. She works with the same people that she has for years – she very loyal and her friends are very loyal to her.  Dejan Cekanovic and Dirk Walther from Premier did the hair. Alex Box from D&V Management did the make-up – every year she justContinue reading