Winter Blues Turn the World Upside Down but a Fabulous Winter Coat Turns all Around As the winter drags on and spring and its glorious fashion seems further and further away, there is one thing we fashionistas have to bury our winter blues away, the Winter Coat. This essential winter investment can give a liftContinue reading

There is no accessory that can spruce up a wardrobe, add a dash of sophistication and is economically viable like this seasons hottest trend – the headscarf. The headscarf is popping up everywhere! From the runways of Burberry, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana to Proenza Schouler, the headscarf is the must-have accessory for every fashionista. TheContinue reading

I do like leggings, I know most fashionistas like to hate them and they’re so 80’s but they’re so easy to wear and they’re just not going to go away. For spring lots of leggings were seen on the catwalk – think Threeasfour, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen. Lots of bold and graphic prints.Continue reading


For many designers function versus fashion is optional. – But if you’re making a watch that’s going to outer space, this is function at it’s most extreme. Somehow Seiko has manage to create a watch that displays the most accurate time in the world in outer space that looks cool! The watch maybe the onlyContinue reading


I went to the opening preview of The Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the Barbican. It was quite amazing! I love the doll’s house – I think every girl loves a doll’s house. I had so many dolls when I was little, and my mum would make matching clothes for me and my dolls. IContinue reading


Like many Canadians who grew up in English Canada I am fascinated with Montreal. The rule is Torontonians live to work and Montrealers work to live and on some level I find this to be true. Personally, I want to work to live! I love Montreal and although it’s a much much smaller city thanContinue reading

Even cities like Liverpool are having their own fashion week! You just know it’s going to be glamours, gaudy and great fun! You might not be seeing Erin O’Conner in the front row but Liverpool has it’s own fashionists that they love and adore like Abby Clancy and Coleen McLoughlin! Liverpool fashion week starts today!


Most of us are starting to understand why we shouldn’t buy fakes but we don’t really understand why we should or shouldn’t buy luxury goods. We don’t really know any more what makes a luxury item really luxurious. I have never bought a fake luxury item, but I don’t own many luxury items I haveContinue reading


PPQ on Conduit Street. There are so many people in fashion that are always trying to look hip and just end up looking pretentious and then there is the group of girls who are just super cool without trying and these four girls truly are the super cool! Model:Lianna Fowler  Another cool girl from PopContinue reading


It’s just been announced that Hannah Marshall will receive a New Generation Sponsorship to show her autumn/winter 2008-9 collection at the London Fashion Week Exhibition! I love Hannah’s work; in it’s simplicity it’s true luxury. You always feel great when you wear her dresses. Above is a picture of the silk chiffon trapeze dress fromContinue reading

Spice Girls outfits sketch by Cavalli

Cavalli has designed outfits for The Spice Girls’ comeback tour, which starts Dec 2 in Vancouver, Canada! Apparently Victoria Beckham has been personal friends with Cavalli for a long time, and that’s how they got him to design for them. It pays to have a fashionista in your band! Here they are back in theContinue reading


I’m always happy when I see a great collaboration and I really hate when I see a partnership just for the sake of marketing. There’s something lazy & ugly about it. I had a blue LeSportsac in high school and it wasn’t fashionable: just very lightweight & practical with lots of pockets & zippers. I’mContinue reading


I love fashion in London. I never seem to get tired or bored of it. I can sit in cafes everyday all over London and just watch people pass by. I was around Holland Park and there are so many cute shops and lots of posh old ladies. Really there are so many different fashionistasContinue reading


One of the best things about attending fashion week is seeing all the people. It’s great because you run into people that you haven’t seen for ages, but most of all you just get to see what other fashionistas are wearing. You can tell that some people really put a lot of thought and effortContinue reading


Did a shoot for Spin Magazine with The Feeling. Very cool group, really nice guys and of course they wear super cool shoes, what fashionista couldn’t love them! You can read about the shoot on their blog!


Did a shoot for Spin Magazine with The Feeling. Very cool group, really nice guys and of course they wear super cool shoes, what fashionista couldn’t love them! They play in London from November 2-6th can’t wait to see them!

It’s good to take a day off, or maybe it’s really more of a day in. I didn’t leave the house today. It felt ok it be inside when the sky was dark & grey & there was drizzle, but as soon as the sky turns blue I feel obliged to go outside, but IContinue reading