Vision boards. Do you believe if you commit a vision to paper, create a moodboard in detail, and share the vision with your team that it will become true? I do this every week with moodboards for photoshoots and our moodboards become a reality. So what if you create vision or moodboard for your life would that work?  IContinue reading


After you lose someone you love, you redefine and rediscover yourself. This year I have to check in with myself regularly and remind myself to do new things, to keep doing fashion shoots, to go to the gym and just to just keep going. Even if there are moment that I feel like why bother, I know I justContinue reading


This past year I’ve found it hard to blog. Grief really messes with your concentration and focusing is really a challenge. The other difficulty was grief and fashion just don’t seem to go together but they are both a big part of my daily life right now and I’ve wanted to find a way forContinue reading


One of my friends shared a very kind piece of advice. She lost her mum nine years ago. I’ve known her for years and she never mentioned this before. There are so many of my friends who have lost family members & close friends who never mentioned it and I never thought to ask…before. When youContinue reading


In a few days it will be the first anniversary of my husband’s death. I’m not sure what one does. I don’t how to prepare or what to expect. Throughout the year we remember those we lost but a death anniversary triggers our emotions. I didn’t know what to expect but I thought I’d cover myselfContinue reading


Secondhand Shopping in Pimlico For a stylist I actually don’t shop very much, or at least I don’t think I shop as much as I’d like to. When I’m visiting another country I alway try and fit some shopping in, but in London it happens a bit more haphazardly. Recently my sister in-law was visiting and weContinue reading

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ONES TO WATCH Ana Ljubinkovic, Anissa Aida, Billie Jacobina, Ester Kubisz were selected from a long list of emerging designers by a panel of industry experts which this season included Martyn Roberts, Fashion Scout’s Founder and Creative Director, esteemed fashion writer Tony Glenville, Ones to Watch ’s very own stylist, Rebekah Roy (me!) and Kendall Robbins, fromContinue reading


One of the amazing parts about my job is that I get to work with some very talented people. I first met Rachel Toledo (formerly Rachel Wood, as she was recently married) over a decade ago and we worked together on numerous projects from catwalk shows to celebrities. Rachel was always easy to work with, sheContinue reading


So many people were sympathetic when my husband died, we are all shocked when someone we know dies and we want to share our condolences. People want to be kind but they fumble and most of us don’t know what to say, and no ones really knows how vulnerable you are when the person you’re in love withContinue reading

This year I will have moved twice. After my husband died I didn’t want to stay in our flat. He unexpectedly died at home and I found him, I never stayed there over night again. I gave away all our furniture, our bed, sofa, tables, lamps, even the toaster to different charities. I kept my teacupsContinue reading

I was on radio show a few weeks back with DJ, Tasty Lopez (aka. Laura Noir) and Something About Magazine editor, Alexandra Zagslsky, with our host Karen Munnis of FashionRadio for K2K. We talked about fashion, Glastonbury, denim, dj sets, and social media and how its influenced our work. It was so much fun listening to one another’s stories andContinue reading

My heart is racing and is does’t seem to be slowing down. I’m not sure if I’m living in panic mode or it’s just this moment – this particular moment. I can not believe this day is here. I tried to anticipate it, to prepare to make plans but some how I couldn’t and theyContinue reading

This year at Graduate Fashion Week you can see that there is more thought put into the styling – which is great but good styling can also make bad things look good, so sometime it’s important to look past the styling and just see the collections! There were lots of accessories on the catwalk on DayContinue reading


I’m very excited about this issue of Candid Magazine with milliner Stephen Jones gracing our cover. I rarely feel that I’m doing shoots that I truly love and really want to be doing (I’m planning on changing that this year), but this shoot was something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time! Plus I love hats andContinue reading

I thought a holiday would give me a break. I love my work and never feel the need to get away from it, especially when I travel as I’m always looking for things that will inspire my creativity and keep driving me to explore new ideas. What I didn’t understand until I was sitting onContinue reading

Sometimes it’s just good to have a change of location and experience another point of view.  I can step out of my hotel room of the Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna, (Egypt) right onto the beach. It’s my new office for the next few days as I’m busy prepping for next week, as it’s quite busyContinue reading

Holiday I’m off to the airport. It’s not for work this time which somehow would be so much easier. It’s not an unusual thing to go on a holiday. It’s rather normal but life now is my new normal and no matter which way you look at it, it’s hard. Today is my first soloContinue reading

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day of styling fashion shows, and staying at a hotel. I was staying at the newly refurbished Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel. From 1824 -1932 it was the United Hospital and later became home to Bath College until 2005. From the moment I walked through the doors the service was impeccable almost overly attentiveContinue reading