Mollie Blue Boy is only 17 years old but has already been working actively in the fashion and music industry.

Molly Blue Boy grew up surrounded by a creative family who work in a wide variety of genres – her immediate family include writers, musicians, business leaders and fashion professionals.

From an early age she took part in the performing arts including appearing in the Kenwright stage production of Joseph at the age of five through to appearing at the Sunday Night at the London Palladium cabaret show. Mollie decided at 14 that her career aspirations were in the fashion and music industry after working alongside her Mum during London Fashion Week. This led her to make the decision to leave school at 16 and go straight into the industry, gaining considerable experience at an early age interning for PR agencies and with Music promoters.

Molly Blue May is currently exploring the world of styling and has had the opportunity to work alongside some well established names, who are mentoring her in her career development. She is looking forward to pursuing a career in this ever-changing industry.

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  1. Sophia Green
    May 22, 2009 at 21:21

    I love this blog i check it everyday – Rebekah is a fashion genius. But I have acatully met Blue(molly?) well i havent met her but I saw her on stage at the O2 Arena with The maccabees I look forward to reading her posts. It the best fashion blog will be nice to add music to the mix.

    S xx

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