Ones of the best things you can do for yourself is too keep moving. I’ve always loved exercise but it’s only during this past year that I’ve realised it’s not only about keeping fit, but keeping your mind and body in sync, and staying grounded. No matter whether you choose to or you have to, changing your life,Continue reading


It’s important to have rituals and they don’t have to be complicated. The weekend breakfast is one of my favourite things. It’s what separates the work week from taking time out. Work for me is never realIy Monday to Friday as I do like working on the weekends and I often plan shoots on Sundays. I know it’s importantContinue reading


Celebrate your Blood campaign was created by London agency AMV BBDO, it’s part of Bodyform’s campaign educating people about what menstruation is and how it affects our body. The video features women playing sports, being active, mountain climbing, hiking, soccer etc. We all get cuts and scraps, we bleed and we just continue. We finish the game and we’re notContinue reading


I’m very results oriented but there are some things, many things that I’ve been procrastinating about this year, and I know that getting organised will help me move forward. I have lots to sort out since my husband’s death and it’s true that in grief you don’t have the strength or energy to face most things. ButContinue reading


Who are your heros? I’m very fortunate as try to surround myself with people I admire. I seek them out. Zig Ziglar quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” After my husband died one of my friends suggested I see a nutritionist. I wasn’t quite sure why but IContinue reading


My dad has always called it D&D – discipline and desire, I’m not sure whether he realised it or not but it became my personal motto. Unfortunately the things I Iike to do, for myself get pushed aside when I’m busy  – which is why I wanted to do Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge. I thought itContinue reading


We all have something that we’re good at, a superpower but we don’t always know what it is. It’s important to stop and look at the things we’re good at and enjoy doing. It might be obvious what you’re good at but sometimes it might be your underlying skill set that would make you good at several thingsContinue reading

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day of styling fashion shows, and staying at a hotel. I was staying at the newly refurbished Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel. From 1824 -1932 it was the United Hospital and later became home to Bath College until 2005. From the moment I walked through the doors the service was impeccable almost overly attentiveContinue reading

Valentine’s Day Until Death Do Us Part Until death do us part – you don’t stop loving someone when they die. You might be heart broken but you don’t stop loving them. Recently someone told me that I have suffered an utterly profound and devastating loss and yes, I thought to myself I really have.Continue reading


Okay, I do love cute things but it’s a ‘Panda Bus‘ that is free-of-charge that travels around the Asakusa area in Toyko. Even the seats inside the vehicles are decorated with colourful panda pom-pom ears.  There are two buses  a “boy” and a “girl,” and both of these buses have eyes that can wink. One moreContinue reading


I have a love hate relationship with my mobile. I don’t like to be dependent on anything but my mobile is my lifeline. It’s like a soother for adults and I panic when I don’t know where my phone is. My clothes never seem to have pockets so I’m always misplacing my mobile while onContinue reading


If you’re doing a shoot and you want to make sure everyone knows you’re in London you’ll want something British and iconic like either a letter or telephone box or anywhere along Embankment in the shoot. The British telephone box as been around since 1926 and it’s not something that any of us would want to see become obsolete but IContinue reading


Do you run like a girl? I hope so!!! You might have already seen this video as it came out in 2014 by award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield. It was a social experiment for the brand Always. It made me think of the Friends’ episode with Phoebe running in Central Park – running like a girl with limbs flying (like the stereotype) butContinue reading


I was at a preview screening for Pitch Perfect 2 last night, and it’s a great way to see a movie – the screening room at the May Fair Hotel was huge and the picture and sound were state-of-the-art. The movie was fun, well-made, and had girl power and feminism written all over it onlyContinue reading


Sometimes all I want is a bowl of cereal – usually at night just before bed. I never had sugary cereals growing up, they were band from our household but we were allowed a spoonful of brown sugar on porridge… I’d look longingly at Lucky Charms and Coco Puffs but we’d quickly bypass them for Weetabix in theContinue reading


How wonderful to feel the emptiness of London on Christmas Day. It’s become one of my favourite things and almost a tradition to go on a Christmas Day cycle through the City and to Saint Paul’s Cathedral.


There are so many reasons that I like Jakarta but one of the simplest reasons is that, even thought there are so many familiar shops in Jakarta from Zara to Gucci I still feel like I’m somewhere else, that I have an experience that was truly different from my day to day life. I get to see somethingContinue reading


Every now and then you get something a bit unusual in a gift bag at London Fashion Week so I was amused to receive some toothpaste. Beverly Hills Formula for perfect white is actually black tooth paste, it turns white greyish colour while you’re brushing your teeth. My teeth felt clean but somehow I couldn’tContinue reading


If you’re looking for fashion events to attend this month  it’s worth popping into 125 Live. 125 Magazine celebrates their contributors over the last decade, with a photo exhibition that includes the work of  Rankin, Jason Hetherington, Dean Chalkley, Indira Cesarine, Paul Farrell and Simon Emmett.  With over 45 photographers each artist selected their pieces for this exhibition and all work is forContinue reading