It’s great when you see something new! This is a Gourd it’s part of the melon family.


Out and about at Borough Market lots of people! This is London most popular food market and on on a Saturday it’s super busy. The line ups are long but then you know they are waiting for the best & yummiest food. You can buy lots of yummy things to snack on and have aContinue reading


I really love going to markets, just looking at different things and being inspired by the people passing by. I’m always searching for inspiration, I never know what that inspiration is until it hits me. And when it does it hits me hard it’s like a rush and I’m replenished, full of images & ideas.


I went to Spitafield market today to visit one of my friends who has a stall there. (Sheryl is on the left!) She designs fun girly clothes, lots of dresses! Spitafield market is great, lots of great food, and cakes and of course lots of clothes!!