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Behind the Scenes – Luxury Jewellery Shoot

Posted by Rebekah Roy on April 7th, 2013

20130406 195301 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories and jewellery. I love styling accessory and jewellery shoots as accessories can completely change how we wear an outfit. If you learn to accessorize you can get more value for the clothes that you already have as you can get more use out of them.

We tend to wear the same neckace with a specific outfit because it matches so we don’t always put very much thought into the look. It’s good to mix things up – try a different jacket with an outfit, add a belt and try a statement necklace – see what works for you and find new ways to reinvent and update your wardrobe.  We usually focus on shoes to change a look from day to evening and we overlook the jewellery. It’s easy to change your shoes but with jewellery it seems like it takes more of an effort, but the principals are the same – try something bolder.

Beauty FashionStylist Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

I like styling shoots that focus on jewellery as often jewellery can be lost in a fashion editorial story. Many magazines don’t really do jewellery shoots – it’s more common to do beauty stories that include jewellery. This image was shot for Phoenix magazine as part of a jewellery editorial. I like images like this because they are more about the mood and the feel of the jewellery than just showing a brightly-lit piece of jewellery. I love the dress as it’s covered in butterflys and worn with a necklace from Erickson Beamon, a chain necklace by Maria Francis Pepe and these beautiful statement flower cuffs are from Etienne Aigner.

20130406 195823 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 201218 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 203046 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 203540 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 203750 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 204143 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 205136 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 205302 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 204710 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

20130406 205648 Behind the Scenes   Luxury Jewellery Shoot

Always good to have snacks on hand for a 3pm sugar rush!

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Phoenix at Selfridges

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 3rd, 2011

Phoenix Selfridges Phoenix at Selfridges

I love reading magazines but it’s always fun to spot one on the shelf that you’ve worked on. I like going to Selfridges for magazines – they seem to have a good selection and they carry Phoenix! We’re already busy calling in and preparing shoots for our next issue!

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Visiting Georgia Hardinge

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 29th, 2011

20110729 093739 Visiting Georgia Hardinge

Today I went to visit fashion designer Georgia Hardinge in her new studio. I was quite exciting to see the prints for her new collection. It was Friday afternoon and they were having cake and champagne to celebrate a little leaving party for one of Georgia’s staff.

20110729 093756 Visiting Georgia Hardinge

These images are from her AW11 collection. Can’t wait to see her show at London Fashion Week!

.georgia hardinge aw11 05 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 09 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 08 650px Visiting Georgia Hardingegeorgia hardinge aw11 04 650px Visiting Georgia Hardinge

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An Interview with Hannah Almassi – Working at Grazia

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 23rd, 2008

HannahAlmassy Grazia(1)  An Interview with Hannah Almassi   Working at GraziaSo it’s your final year at school and you’re graduating soon? What’s a girl to do? Well, take some advice from Hannah Almassi, the Fashion News and Features Assistant at Grazia UK.

*       What did you study at school and where?

I went to Nottingham Trent University which has a great art and design school. I studied Fashion Design, it’s a good place to study fashion for the real world – you can be creative but also understand the commercial and business side of things.

*       Were you always interested in fashion?

I have been interested in fashion since I can remember! Both my Mum and Nan have always made their own clothes (and mine too when I was younger – I had a great purple and black checked taffeta prom dress, very PPQ!) As a kid I’d always consider what I would wear for the day and would be really picky, then at about 10 years old I started to draw little fashion sketches and spend hours with my nose in fashion magazines. At secondary school I was always really creative and went a bit crazy with my outfits (much to my headmistress’s disgust!) I’ve always been a bit of a shopaholic and love putting clothes together. I can remember the moment that I felt fashion was for definitely for me, was when watching a TV programme on John Galliano and just being so entralled by his flair for creating extraordinary fashion – it looked so fun, so glamorous and sexy.

How many places did you apply before finding a job?

During my final year at uni I applied for hundreds of placements and kept a really open mind about where I could try out working. I was organised about it all and already had a years worth of different work experience placements all set up for when I graduated. But then I came to Grazia first, adored it and was luckily offered a longer internship at the time to be Melanie Rickey’s assistant… which of course, I snapped up!

*       What’s a typical day like?

It really varies, being on a weekly mag it’s incredibly busy all the time – every day has a major deadline so that the magazine can go to print. My work spans from doing product call ins, to coming up with stories and ideas for the print magazine and also the website , going to fashion weeks, writing copy and interviewing people to style hunting the public. It’s never boring – I’m always involved in something different.

*       What been the most exciting part of your job?

There have been loads of stand out moments. Probably one of the most memorable so far was being backstage at the British Fashion Awards and interviewing the winners on camera – meeting people like Luella, Matthew Williamson and Stephen Jones was an incredible honour. On a daily basis the Grazia fashion team are so knowledgable and talented, so it’s really encouraging and inspiring to be around them. But the best feeling has to be seeing my name in print on Grazia’s masterhead each week (yes, I’m a loser and still look at it each time!) Oh, and working from a perspex pod in the new Westfield shopping centre for a week was pretty unforgettable too!

*       What is your official position at Grazia?

Fashion News and Features Assistant

*       Have you been promoted since you started your job?

I was originally meant to do one month, then six and now I’ve been at Grazia for about 15 months! Although my job position hasn’t changed, the longer I am there the more I am able to do and contribute and develop.

*       What advice do you have to graduates?

The best advice I can give is to just work your socks off. If you don’t turn up for a placement keen and eager and willing to get on with the job, people just won’t remember you – or want to keep you there. Sometimes being an intern can feel awful, but it’s a process to get to somewhere amazing. I still spend hours in the fashion cupboard returning clothes – but I wouldn’t give it up because the perks of doing a job you love in a brilliant, lively industry are immeasurable.

*       Who is your fashion icon and why?

I have different fashion icons for different moods – more like fashion moments… I love Marlene Dietrich for her androgynous style which was so revolutionary at the time. I adore the model Verushka for looking so darn gorgeous in YSL’s safari collection. If there’s anyone I channel the most – it’s Dot Cotton! And right now, I’m obsessed with Faye Dunaway in the film The Eyes of Laura Mars – fantastic 70s outfits full of two piece skirt suits, giant throws, fabulous knee high boots and enough hair crimping to make me consider doing it again!

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Daisy de Villeneuve – Fashion Quote

Posted by Rebekah Roy on September 27th, 2008

Daisy de Villeneuve is the type of artist that once you start to recognize her work you’ll see it everywhere.

daisy de villeneuve1  Daisy de Villeneuve   Fashion Quotedaisy de villeneuve2  Daisy de Villeneuve   Fashion Quote

Her illustrations have a unique child like quality to them: I just love them!!! She’s designed Topshop’s quirky shoeboxes, customized Moet & Chandon bottles for Colette’s 10th anniversary, designed for Nike, the V&A Museum, has published 2 books and has done hundreds of other things. Every month you’ll see her work in one of the major fashion magazines.

DaisyDV GAP  Daisy de Villeneuve   Fashion Quote

So it’s not surprising that the Gap featured her in their Autumn Winter campaign and she will also be in the Holiday 2008 campaign for Christmas!

I asked Daisy de Villeneuve, a true fashion industry insider for a quote to use during my Viktor & Rolf fashion talk at the Barbican.

In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone to create their own distinct personal style?

The best way for someone to create their own distinct personal style is to be unique. Be original in your clothing choices, do not follow trends as you can end up looking like everyone else. I always like to take inspiration from other decades & mix my clothing to include vintage, designer & high street.

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