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Model Casting SS14

Posted by Rebekah Roy on September 10th, 2013


So many great models! We were casting at Pineapple studios today and the queue of models was endless! This season I’m styling three shows, Bjorn Borg , Fashon Scout’s Ones to Watch and PingHe. This week is all about casting, casting, casting!



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Casting Men!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on September 14th, 2011

20110914 125702 Casting Men!

Today we were casting men for Paul Costelloe’s show. We had lots of models attend the casting so we had some really good options. We had quite a few models who had their portfolio on their iPad – each season I see more models with iPads. Most models still have books but I imagine that in the next few years that will change.

20110914 124435 Casting Men!

I loved that Richard from Next had images of himself at the shows he did. So many models don’t remember what shows they were in but it’s an easy way to see what someone’s done.

20110914 110451 Casting Men!20110914 124421 Casting Men!


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Size 14 Women Are The Happiest!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 31st, 2008

Simply Be Size14 Size 14 Women Are The Happiest!

Whenever I’ve styled plus size models, they always seem really happy and healthy. I did this shoot with plus size model Louise MacCallum – a size 14. It’s hard to believe that a size 14 is a "plus size" model when the average woman in the UK is a size 16.

According to a recent study more than 43% of size 14 (UK) women said they were as happy as they could be with their career, while almost a third say they couldn’t be more content with their love life.

Second happiest, according to the research by Special K, are size 12 women, with almost three quarters saying they are completely satisfied with their friendships. 45% also enjoy a very successful career.

The study was done by Special K, and their spokeswoman said: ‘It’s great to discover that being a size zero doesn’t necessarily bring you happiness. Our research shows that the curvier size 14 woman is much more comfortable with their shape and has a happier outlook on life.’

The poll also revealed that a staggering 48 per cent of all women aren’t happy with their weight.


1. 14
2. 12
3. 8.
4. 16.
5. 10


1. 24
2. 20
3. 22
4. 6
5. 18

I think the timing of the study is great – most of us make New Year’s resolutions, but I’m not sure how many of us really keep them. Often our decisions are overly ambitious and so we set ourselves up for failure. I don’t know why that is, but maybe one of the reasons we fail is we’re not sure of the facts in the first place. It’s important to think about what make us happy – and happiness changes. So what if someone told you happiness is a size 14?


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London Fashion Week – Model Casting

Posted by Rebekah Roy on September 9th, 2008

It’s all about the girl! I’m sure you think that casting is easy, just chose any beautiful girl – job done. Well it’s one of those jobs that’s easy to do badly, and takes a certain amount of skill to do well.  Finding the right look, walk and attitude can be tough. You might have an image in your head, a mood board that you’ve spent days preparing and of course a new collection that a designer has poured their heart and soul into. It’s quite a crazy job.

  London Fashion Week   Model Casting

At this casting there were hundreds of models. Vauxhall Fashion Scout organized the casting day for their 20 designers showing next week. It’s a good central location so it’s easy for the models to get to. There are so many models you have to be quick thinking so that they can move on to the next designer! Of course it’s a wait and see game to find out if you can actually book the model you’ve requested. The model booker needs to do what’s best for the model and schedule them so that they can work the maximum amount of shows!

  London Fashion Week   Model Casting

  London Fashion Week   Model Casting

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