One of my favourite activities at Bath in Fashion is attending the fashion talks and book signings. They’re very intimate and quite personal. Last year I went to see Manolo Blahnik interviewed by Iain R Webb (this picture is from the book signing) and Stephen Jones interviewed by Sarah Mower. Stephen Jones had also curatedContinue reading


Attending a wedding is one of the best ways to celebrate the weekend and the New Year. It’s life and love affirming plus you get to dress up! I was surprised how many women wore black and many of the women regarless of age wore little fur or fake jackets or stoles – actually evenContinue reading

I love a good hat, and it’s a delight to wear a Stephen Jones hat! Are you a budding hat designer? If you are visit as Stephen Jones and Dolly Jones, Editor of will choose the budding hat designer. The winning hat will be displayed at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery for theContinue reading

I like hats. When I’m wearing a hat I feel very self-conscious but at the same time quite special. Hats have always been an indicator of social status – perhaps this is why we feel special when we’re wearing a hat, or it might just be the whimsical nature of hats with so many delightfulContinue reading


The beret has been around for ages and has generally been worn in the military since the mid-20th century. Although military is not a big trend this season I think the beret will be great for this Autumn/Winter 08! I love this Chanel beret; I tried it on and it’s so cute! If it’s aContinue reading


Amelia’s Magazine is a very cool independent magazine. It’s takes a lot of work for a magazine to do things on their own terms! That’s why I asked Amelia’s magazine – fashion industry insiders for quotes to use during my Viktor & Rolf fashion talk at the Barbican. In your opinion, what’s the best wayContinue reading


Annabel Lewis is the founder of the celebrated trimmings and ribbon shop and every stylist’s favourite haberdashery VV Rouleaux! Annabel was giving mini demonstrations as part of the Viktor & Rolf exhibition on bow making. She gave everyone a long wired ribbon and showed us how to make the perfect rose and Christmas tree bow!Continue reading


We had a great shoot day. We did lots of prep for this shoot; we went to PRs and designers and found lots of fabulous dresses!!! It was an easy, happy shoot day – lots of shoots are – everyone wants to get as much out of the shoot as possible and to do aContinue reading


The team!! Great Assistants! Karen Millen hosting the event Kit – she said she reads my blog -how cool!!! A Louis Mariette headpiece! There were lots of fabulous people at this event, Christina is one of them!


I have always loved hats – so living in London is the right place to explore this love. Canada is a place more suitable for a functional “I don’t want any more frostbite” kind of hat. I tend to like hats that are small and understated. I don’t want to be the annoying kind ofContinue reading


I really enjoyed Premiere Classe. I love accessories and the selection was overwhelming – there are over 300 vendors; there were 3 glove exhibitors, 79 shoes designers, 80 jewellery designers, 51 hat designers, 81 bag designers plus scarf, sunglasses and umbrella designers! I think it’s so difficult to be a buyer!!! Amy from Comfort StationContinue reading


I really like attending On|Off – there are so many new designers there – I say new but many of them have been designing for years. The venue is set up in a very welcoming way: you feel free to look at a collection and chat with the designer and of course it’s a beautifulContinue reading


Karen Brost showed at London Fashion Week at an exclusive members club! I really like Karen’s work. It’s very grown up, very sophisticated and has a slight edge. Depending how you style it, you can make it quite edgy & chic or you can go elegant and sophisticated – but her work is all aboutContinue reading


Michele Obi from My Fashion Life at Modernist Catherine McColl, the fashion editor of Amelia’s Magazine at Anne-Sofie Back. Maria Milano, the on line Editor of InStyle at the Jaeger after party! I loved the Jaeger show! It was great to see a British iconic brand showing at LFW – I think they’re going toContinue reading

FunkdupLondon.jpg is about all things cool: they interview all different kinds of people like Jodie Harsh, Louis Mariette and even me!


It’s raining out and nobody’s shopping so it’s a perfect time to check out the new accessories at Topshop and dream of summer. I love these big summer floppy big hats and these 80’s clutch bags. This is a Chanel 2.55 inspired bag by Marc B and it’s only £35!


I’d like to be the kind of girl who could dress my dog in this Gucci hat. I know that the hat is kind of silly and it’s the type of thing you’d expect Paris Hilton’s dog to wear but there’s just something so wonderfully pretentious about it.


Louis Mariette is a fabulously delightful milliner and i-D magazine stated that he was one of the 250 most influential creative professionals in the world. He is probably most famous for designing the world’s most expensive hat, valued at £1.5 million. Most importantly, whenever you visit Louis’ showroom you’re offered a cup of tea andContinue reading