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Fashion Talks – at Bath In Fashion

Posted by Rebekah Roy on April 8th, 2013

 Fashion Talks   at Bath In Fashion

One of my favourite activities at Bath in Fashion is attending the fashion talks and book signings. They’re very intimate and quite personal. Last year I went to see Manolo Blahnik interviewed by Iain R Webb (this picture is from the book signing) and Stephen Jones interviewed by Sarah Mower. Stephen Jones had also curated an exclusive exhibition at the Holburne Museum. Bath in Fashion offers some amazing world class events that would rival any fashion capital. This year there are quite a few fashion talks

  • Looking at the Wardrobe of the King of Pop – a talk by Michael Bush, the genius behind the Michael Jackson’s costumes
  • The Jacobean Catwalks: Fashion and Faces at the Court of King James – Sir Roy Strong, former Director of the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery, discusses the complexity portrayed in the special exhibition at the Holburne of portraits of court costume
  • Beautiful Freaks: From Blitz Kids to BLITZ magazine – Bath based fashion author, Iain R Webb, discusses his latest book, “As Seen in Blitz” which chronicles the 80s fashion scene
  • Talks at Topping & Company book store with Kaffe Fasset,
  • Sasha Wilkins of LibertyLondonGirl will be discussing numerous fashion-related topics

Lunches with Amanda Mackenzie Stuart to launch her book “Diana Vreeland Empress of Fashion” and Chloe Fox discussing “Vogue On…Alexander McQueen”

 Fashion Talks   at Bath In Fashion

Styling backstage for Amanda Wakely for Bath In Fashion last year.

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A Winter Wedding

Posted by Rebekah Roy on January 6th, 2013

20130106 195029 A Winter Wedding
Attending a wedding is one of the best ways to celebrate the weekend and the New Year. It’s life and love affirming plus you get to dress up! I was surprised how many women wore black and many of the women regarless of age wore little fur or fake jackets or stoles – actually even one of the men wore one too.
20130106 195106 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195202 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195230 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195352 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195415 A Winter Wedding

Here is a glimpse of the wedding dress – it was stunning and took over 300 hours to make by eleven people.

20130106 195517 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195535 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195625 A Winter Wedding

20130106 195653 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200345 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200426 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200451 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200517 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200547 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200616 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200638 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200703 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200726 A Winter Wedding

20130106 200746 A Winter Wedding

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Design for Stephen Jones

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 4th, 2011

Stephen Jones VogueUK Design for Stephen Jones

I love a good hat, and it’s a delight to wear a Stephen Jones hat! Are you a budding hat designer? If you are visit as Stephen Jones and Dolly Jones, Editor of will choose the budding hat designer. The winning hat will be displayed at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery for the duration of Hats: An Anthology (September 2011 – April 2012). The winner will also receive a two week internship with Stephen Jones in London.

The submission deadline is August 11, 2011.

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Hat Parties in London

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 8th, 2008

I like hats. When I’m wearing a hat I feel very self-conscious but at the same time quite special. Hats have always been an indicator of social status – perhaps this is why we feel special when we’re wearing a hat, or it might just be the whimsical nature of hats with so many delightful trimmings!

  Hat Parties in London

hemyca hat party 2(1)  Hat Parties in London

  Hat Parties in London

  Hat Parties in London

Myra – designer for the womenswear label Hemyca, and hat-wearer! I’m wearing a lovely feather fascinator by Louis Mariette!


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The Beret is back for Autumn/Winter 08

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 24th, 2008

The beret has been around for ages and has generally been worn in the military since the mid-20th century. Although military is not a big trend this season I think the beret will be great for this Autumn/Winter 08! I love this Chanel beret; I tried it on and it’s so cute!
If it’s a bit out of your price range just look for a beret at Accessorize they have loads of styles starting at £8.00. Customize it with a couple of cool broaches, badges or even flowers. This is a good opportunity to check out your what’s in your mum’s or grandmother’s jewellery box!

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