I love mascara. It’s the only product I run out and buy if an ad or magazine article tells me to. (And yes, I’m a sucker for good advertising). I just want really long lashes. I’d wear false eyelashes if I could figure out how to put them on, and be assured that they wouldContinue reading


Yummy fashion! For the past few year Cadbury has hosted a Chocolate Couture Collection fashion show! I’d feel bad wearing any of this after inevitably eating my buttons…

Nina Taylor

I was surprised to open up The London Paper yesterday and see some images that I styled a few months ago. Nina Taylor, the hand supermodel was just lovely and she’s well known for being Kate Moss’ hand & foot double in the Rimmel ads. Teresa of course, is brilliant and has painted everyone’s nailsContinue reading


I like styling strong brands as they understand their image and even without using the brand name you know the product because of their signature look. Now that’s branding! Photographer Jason Moore Stylist Rebekah Roy Hair Takashi Sano Make-up Kate Hughes

Unfortunately the red swimsuit Gwen wears reminds me of Special K commercials but I do like the final outfit as I love her high waisted shorts! I don’t like most perfume commercials as they seem to adhere to a different aesthetic than most advertising: they’re a bit too self indulgent for my taste. I loveContinue reading