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Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 26th, 2014


Yellow is all over the high street today. You can see it in the shop windows of French Connection and the moment that you walk into  Zara it’s a sea of yellow. I’m going to wear yellow – it’s been so grey I feel need an injection of vitamin C and somehow a yellow dress might just be the thing that I need. I love black but recently I’ve been wearing a wonderful pink coat from MING and now I feel so desperate for colour.


Lots of yellow in COS and shift dresses are easy to wear in any colour.


Sweaters in H&M


Hints of yellow in French Connection just in case you’re afraid of too much colour!


Yellow coats in Zara.


Rails of yellow in COS,  including a simple striped 3/4 length top – it’s an easy way to inject a bit of colour in your wardrobe without too much commitment.

There are softer yellows in Banana Republic, an almost lime colour, perfect if  you’re too afraid of yellow and looking loud in an office environment.

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Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 18th, 2011

Ascot 2011 Dressers Dressers

My lovely backstage team at Ascot!

Ascot 2011 Dressers 1 Dressers

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Bernard Chandran

Posted by Rebekah Roy on June 5th, 2011

bernard chandran aw11 Bernard Chandran

This was the opening look for Bernard Chandran’s AW11 collection at London Fashion Week..Colour isn’t just for summer, it’s probably even more important to wear it in the winter. I just love the colour of this dress. it’s so easy to imagine wearing it on a gloomy winter’s day and you know you’d feel amazing in popping pink!

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