I love when you just randomly see something that makes you smile. I saw this festive group of people lead by someone playing the bagpipes on Fashion Street today.

I’ve been looking forward to the opening of Boxpark for some time now. I was quite curious to see what it was really going to be like, and the wait’s over! It opens tomorrow and will have over 60 brands. It’s located opposite Shoreditch House and Shoreditch High Street station and the space has beenContinue reading


I love Petticoat Lane Market. It’s not as trendy as Brick Lane or the Sunday Up Market but it does have it’s charm and so much stuff! The street was first named Petticoat Lane as it sold petticoats and lace made by the French. During Victorian times the name was changed to Middlesex, but it’sContinue reading

Visiting the Tatty Devine Boutique can be like sugar overload. You want everything as it’s all quite fun and addictive! The moustaches and pipe pieces are very popular! I’m quite partial to the clocks!