I’m really looking forward to attending Singapore Digital Fashion Week, from October 31 to November 3, 2014. Singapore fashion label Max Tan will open Digital Fashion Week and Italian label Cristiano Burani will close the event. Other designers include Fyodor Golan and Singapore labels Thomas Wee, In Good Company, Depression, Pauline Ning as well as young emerging labels YouContinue reading


Today we had a production meeting with our team as tomorrow we’re doing a fashion film. I’m working with a new designer, Norma Hauri, who designs Muslim wear.  In Indonesia there are stylists who specialize in the hijab (the head scarf) as there are so many different ways of wearing it – fortunately Norma isContinue reading


Today photographer Darren Black and set designer Sarah May and I gave a fashion talk to designers, stylists and photographers at The Femina Group office in central Jakarta today. We also met with the designer that we will be working during the next few days. Of course we managed to get in some good shoppingContinue reading


Yellow is all over the high street today. You can see it in the shop windows of French Connection and the moment that you walk into  Zara it’s a sea of yellow. I’m going to wear yellow – it’s been so grey I feel need an injection of vitamin C and somehow a yellow dressContinue reading


I used to love cycling but I’m a bit afraid with all the traffic in London. Of course  on Christmas day there is almost no traffic in London so it’s the perfect day for a Christmas bike ride! The Gerkin St Paul’s Cathedral Bank Leadenhall Market


This spring the V&A is celebrating the Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 to 2014. It  will be the first major show to examine Italy’s rich and influential contribution to the fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present period. I’m quite excited about this exhibition and it’s hard to believe thatContinue reading


Lulu Guinness is one of my favourite brands and Lulu Guinness herself is cute as a button – it was delightful to meet her at her press day. The Covent Garden shop was transformed into an old school confectionery sweet shop a with colourful hard-boiled candy, stripped paper bags and balloons. Humbugs were one of theContinue reading


  I’ve never seen a pigeon in it’s natural habitat. They are city birds usually eating discarded food. I often find myself feeling sorry for the pigeon with one leg or the one that looks too disheveled. Occasionally I’ll see a beautiful pigeon that looks almost regal, however this was the first time I’ve seenContinue reading


  I love big doors. There is something romantic and secret about doors. Simply put: you don’t know what’s behind them.    


I love walking around East London and seeing all the graffiti. It inspires so many people, I saw lots of tourists taking pictures and a singer was using one of the wall as the backdrop for her music video.


Sketch is quite a trendy restaurant in London attracting the fashion crowd and tourists alike. I like going there for afternoon tea as it’s located just off Regent Street – very central. Eventually you will make your way to the loos. There are two very different style bathrooms at Sketch. The most novel is theContinue reading

I’m one of the judges for The Bath in Fashion Blogger Award and I’ve spent the weekend reviewing fashion blogs. I don’t often or really ever get a whole weekend to sit down and read tons of blogs so it’s quite a treat. I love just reading about how people love fashion. Many of theContinue reading


It’s great to celebrate a little bit of Manhattan in London. The Hawksmoor makes a Manhattan with Bourbon, Vermouth, Maraschino, Angostura Bitters & a dash of Absinthe. It’s quite exciting because it comes on its own little tray with cherries and orange rind and a classic bottle. (In The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade keeps oneContinue reading


London is full of amazing locations – I recently styled a fashion show on ice at Tower Hill, which was just one of the most amazing backdrops for a show. If you like ice-skating it’s worth a visit!


I love travelling so I was quite excited to visit Zurich for a few days and do a fashion shoot. Of course I never manage to see the city I’m in as I’m usually in a windowless studio but I did arrive during a snow storm and it was magical.