It’s starting to feel cooler and it’s definitely autumn, and I like to be cosy. You might not think of me as a flannel-pyjama-wearing kind of girl, but I am – and I’m picky about how soft the flannel is. Most of my pyjamas come from John Lewis but this was the first time IContinue reading

Visitors to Fashion Week will be able to access the schedule on their BlackBerry handset so you’ll always know which show is on when! No more paper! The bespoke application will allow visitors to create their own personalised schedule, receive live updates when shows are running late (which they always are) and you can accessContinue reading

Author Agnes Smedley once wrote "I see no reason why a woman should not grow and develop in all those outlets which are suited to her nature, it matters not at all what they may be". Though perhaps not her intention, her words echo the sentiments of satisfied Designer outlet mall shoppers. Though outlet mallsContinue reading

What does having a fashion conscience mean to you – organic, fair trade sustainable, recycled and vegan? Well seems to have it all. They stock pieces that are organic, sustainable, recycled, vintage, vegan, fair trade and aid small local communities – and they have some exclusive and edgy designers from around the world. TheContinue reading

Fashion.Music.Style is working on it’s 4th issue now. We go quarterly and the magazine has gone national through Borders for this issue!  This issue is almost 50% bigger and the A5 size works very well as it’s perfect for housing the free 16 track cd. It’s rapidly becoming one of those magazines you want toContinue reading

Beth Ditto for Evans shot by Rankin! Sequines is everywhere this summer and this one is only £65 and the leggings are £18. I love this trend as it never really seems to go away. Love the domino print – it’s only £45! London is known for it’s great high street and Evans has alwaysContinue reading

  I saw Louis De Gama‘s work quite a few years back at a London PR so I can’t tell you how happy I was to discover he’d recently opened a shop on Cheshire Street in East London. Louis is one of the most charming delightful people that I have had the pleasure to meet.Continue reading

OH. MY. GOD Check out David Beckham and his pants. Just when you think ‘Pah,David Beckham he’s like soooo 1998’ he goes and wows us with his new advertising campaign for Emporio Armani. Yesterday at lunch time he unveiled the advertising campaign at Selfridges in London, where girls flocked like moths to a burning, red-hotContinue reading

Do you have what it takes? So this week I am feeling a little frazzled to say the least, all the travelling for Britian’s Next Top Model, while keeping up with my other makeup jobs during the week has left me a little exhausted. No bank holiday for this makeup artist, I was working allContinue reading

We went up to Manchester the night before our  show – with the bank holiday weekend and all the train diversions it was just the simplest thing to do. Fashion is never as glamorous as it looks – it’s our job to make it look fabulous! My call time is 8am. We all leave theContinue reading

To read the rest of this post check out Nandi the bull, signifier of calm, gentleness and nourishment. Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, luck, bringer of wealth and spiritual well-being. The iron-on transfer is back. I love that – there is something so retro about the iron-on that it’s become fashionable again! Manish Arora forContinue reading

I am delight to learn that Stylist Stuff has been included in The Independent’s Online Fashion 100  by  an online marketing expert Leon Bailey-Green. "These are the people who are making a difference in the online fashion world." Wow! It’s very cool to be in such great company. I’m an avid reader and fan ofContinue reading

There are only a frightening 7 weeks until the Nottingham Trent Graduate Fashion Show and the pressure is on! There are 4 shows that take place in Nottingham over 2 days on Thursday 21st May and Friday 22nd May 2009. The 4 shows titled ‘Sew What?’ are showcasing 78 talented Fashion Design Students, and theirContinue reading

I love tights. I mainly wear dresses and shorts so tights are an essential part of my wardrobe. I also think you can make an every day look into something glamorous or edgy with a cool pair of tights. I’m loving gold at the moment! I was recently chatting with Gal Stern, a textile designerContinue reading

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I can’t figure out if it’s okay to grab a mannequin by the breasts or neck. The breasts are actually very well placed and they’re the safest handles to use when grabbing the mannequin from behind and twisting the mannequin’s torso to remove it from the legs, yet it feels a little inappropriate…and twisting theContinue reading

This is an unretouched picture of Jessica Alba and on the right is the final version for Campari shot by Mario Testino. Everyone always seems so surprised that photos are retouched but a photo is really just a raw image. Even still life images, mannequin and food shots are retouched. Digital enhancement is a oneContinue reading

If haven’t already heard of  William Tempest, you will. He was one of the four finalists of Fashion Fringe 2008. He did a two-year national diploma course in fashion design and textiles when he was only 16. He graduated with a first class honours degree in womenswear design from London College of Fashion. He workedContinue reading

I really like Katie Price, aka Jordan from her glamour days. Some UK celebrities work so hard at being celebrities that you just can’t help but respect their work ethic! She’s now come out with an equestrian line, which has equestrian clothing for women and (I love this)…horsewear! Horse and Hound magazine reports that herContinue reading

Well, I have to say I feel very hip seeing myself in one of my favourite magazines! This is from the autumn issue of Zink Canada. When Zink magazine said they’d like to interview me I was quite delighted and they asked for a picture of me so I sent them a typical headshot. ThenContinue reading