I am not a girl who wears bling but I do have a weakness for silver handbags and I’m not sure what that says about me. I was reading The Purse Blog and saw this Marc Jacobs Quilted Bruna Satchel! I love that it’s quilted! It’s available at Bloomingdales for $1,350.00!

Actually I really would and I’m not really a bag girl. I do covet many things but I get to live vicariously through my shoots and everyday experiences as a fashion stylist. So oddly enough I don’t feel a great need to own a great many things, but I do seem to need a newContinue reading


I had an interview this afternoon for Jincey Lumpkin – fashion lawyer and blogger. I met with her UK interviewer Simone Baret Innamorati in Selfridge’s for coffee. And of course after the interview we had to go and look at all the fabulous bags! I love this bag, I could fit so much stuff intoContinue reading