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Entries from the category 'handbags'

Another Silver Handbag!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on November 23rd, 2008

I am not a girl who wears bling but I do have a weakness for silver handbags and I’m not sure what that says about me. I was reading The Purse Blog and saw this Marc Jacobs Quilted Bruna Satchel!

Marc Jacobs Quilted Bruna Satchel Bloomingdale Exclusive  Another Silver Handbag!

I love that it’s quilted! It’s available at Bloomingdales for $1,350.00!

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I’d like a new handbag…

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 21st, 2008

Actually I really would and I’m not really a bag girl. I do covet many things but I get to live vicariously through my shoots and everyday experiences as a fashion stylist. So oddly enough I don’t feel a great need to own a great many things, but I do seem to need a new handbag this winter.

I have 4 bags: a silver Belen Enchandia bag – which is well-loved, a Prada backpack & evening bag and a wonderful green handbag which was great for summer from Elisa Atheniense. I’m not one of those girls who changes handbags on a regular basis: I’m in awe of the girl who does. I hate changing bags frequently as I always forget to put something I need into the new bag. I think Oh, I don’t need the tape measure today or the double sided tape or my tide pen and then of course I do need it.

A bag to covet:

balenciaga Cherche Midi Chain Link green  Id like a new handbag...

I saw this lovely bag at Selfridges: Balenciaga’s Cherche Midi Chain Link in green with beige and black. I always think I should buy a lovely black bag but it’s always a coloured handbag that catches my eye. Though the is bag not quite me I’m partial to the deep green colour. I generally like to own things by designers that I’ve met or know quite well. Clothing on some levels is very intimate to me -  it has to have some meaning – a certain je ne sais pas. Anyway I’m loving purple at the moment.

I like this Belen Enchandia bag and the Notting Hill Design Python Bag. I wear quite a bit of black and purple would be a great accent colour.

Belen Enchandia Make Me Smile HandBag1  Id like a new handbag...orLonsdale Magenta Python NottingHill Design  Id like a new handbag...



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Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers

Posted by Rebekah Roy on February 6th, 2008

img832 Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers
I had an interview this afternoon for Jincey Lumpkin – fashion lawyer and blogger. I met with her UK interviewer Simone Baret Innamorati in Selfridge’s for coffee. And of course after the interview we had to go and look at all the fabulous bags!

img841 Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers
I love this bag, I could fit so much stuff into it!!

img843 Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers
The silver bag on the top shelf left hand side is surprisingly soft!

img844 Coffee, handbags and Fashion Lawyers
Simone and I both hate fakes – now these bags are so fake and can’t be mistaken for anything but fake. I just find it so weird that the fakes are located right outside of Selfridges, and right inside, just wall between them, are all the luxury designer bags. It’s cruel in so many ways…

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