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Entries from the category 'Burberry'

Suri Cruise – Fashionista

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 24th, 2008

SuriCruise Forbes(1)  Suri Cruise   FashionistaI like Suri Cruise and I hope she grows up to be a nice successful person. There is no arguing that Suri Cruise is very cute. She cute because she’s dressed like a little girl without being too flowery or fussy. Think about it, Suri has great hair, both of her parents have thick brown hair. Usually little girls have pig tails sticking out the sides of their head. Learn from Suri: hair is your best accessory!

Although we didn’t see her for the first part of her life she’s turned out to be one of the worlds most recognized faces since she was presented to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair. She also was #1 on Forbes’ second annual list of the most influential celebrity tots!



SuriCurise Burberry  Suri Cruise   FashionistaSuriCurise dress  Suri Cruise   Fashionistasuri cruise  Suri Cruise   FashionistaSuriCruise WhiteCoat Best and Co  Suri Cruise   Fashionista

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Walk the Dog!

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 7th, 2008

Do you leave the lights on, or is your mobile phone plug charging when it’s not plugged into your mobile? Do you try to eat any veggie meals? Do you recycle? Are you able to walk instead of taking your car? If you had a dog would you walk more: this is what Do The Green Thing is all about – walk more. Their new site should be launching in the next month.

Dothegreenthing  Rosie Huntington Whiteley1(1)  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

Make up artist Rachel Green is doing Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s make up. Rosie is the new face or Burberry for autumn/winter 2008-9.

Dothegreenthing  Rosie Huntington Whiteley2(1)  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

We also had the team from Toni & Guy doing the hair!

  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

Dothegreenthing  Rosie Huntington Whiteley5(1)  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

If you had a dog would you walk more? I love walking and central London is very walkable. Sometimes it’s faster to walk then to take the tube. I don’t drive so that’s not really an issue. I only take a taxi when I have lots of luggage for a shoot. I used to love riding my bike when I lived in Toronto but in London I just don’t feel so confident on a bike.

The dog is called Charlie Brown!

  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

My assistant!

Dothegreenthing  Rosie Huntington Whiteley4(1)  Rosie Huntington Whiteley   Walk the Dog!

Click here to see the final image.


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Are sunglasses the new handbag?

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 22nd, 2007

Sunglasses can change an outfit in an instant and they’re not just for the summer months. Whenever I go on a trip I tend to buy a pair of sunglasses – it’s part of my Heathrow routine and I’m very thrown off when I have to depart from Gatwick. At first I didn’t really like wearing sunglasses: I felt like I was hiding something but now I wear a pair of Burberry Quilted Check sunglasses almost every day. I never leave the house without them. It’s not so much vanity or even fashion, I just don’t like the sun in my eyes.


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