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Patrick Li – Paris Fashion Week SS14

Posted by Rebekah Roy on October 3rd, 2013


Patrick studied at the University of Brighton in 2009. After his Bachelor of Arts, he did his MA at Royal College of Art of London graduating in 2011. He then went on to work with Hussein Chalayan and Victor & Rolf. Patrick was then selected as Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch and showed his collection February 2013 at London Fashion Week, and I have been working with him since then.

This collection was inspired from noted contemporary artists Jason Peters and Ivan Navarro and their intriguing work and experimentation with light – showcasing installations that play with illusions and the form of light. I love how Patrick uses texture, combining interesting fabrics and the pop of neon colours with white, giving the collection a feel of sport lux and geometric shapes.








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The Ones to Watch – Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Posted by Rebekah Roy on September 1st, 2011

Alice Lee 1 The Ones to Watch   Vauxhall Fashion ScoutMalene Oddershede Bach 2 The Ones to Watch   Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Alice Lee                                              Malene Oddershede Bach

I’m quite excited about styling Vauxhall Fashion Scouts’ Ones to Watch show during London Fashion Week. This season the designers are Alice Lee, Malene Oddershede Bach, Phoebe English and Shao Yen. The Ones To Watch is usually the designers’ first catwalk show so it’s a lot of pressure. Every season is, but at the beginning designers want to make the most of every opportunity.

The Ones to Watch has been a great launch pad for many designers. In September 2009 both Ada Zanditon and Hermione de Paula were in the Ones to Watch. The following season Hermione won Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Merit Award and Ada is presently showing a film on the digital schedule at London Fashion Week.

Phoebe English 3 The Ones to Watch   Vauxhall Fashion ScoutShao Yen 4 The Ones to Watch   Vauxhall Fashion Scout
Phoebe English                                                 Shao Yen

There is so much for a new designer to think about but Vauxhall Fashion Scout takes a huge amount of pressure off a new designer. You don’t have to think about production or finding a space to show. You don’t have to worry about PR and making sure people will attend the show. The designers are also given a hair and make up team and this season Lan Nguyen is the head make up artist  and Tim Furssedunn (Creative Director at Toni and Guy) is doing the hair. It’s really important for a new designer to be able to just focus on their collection. It does seem like this should be the norm but most designers end up having to multitask, working on every aspect of their business while also having to design great clothing.

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Studio Visit – Ada Zanditon

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 8th, 2011

20110808 104001 Studio Visit   Ada Zanditon

I went to visit Ada at her studio and had a look at her new collection. I can’t show it to you, so I took a picture of her knitting machine instead! I’ve known Ada Zanditon for a few years. We met at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and I was the stylist for the One’s to Watch show where Ada debuted her collection in September 2009. It’s quite exciting that only a few seasons later Ada’s doing a film presentation on the Digital Schedule at Somerset House. She’s also exhibiting at Esthetica at Somerset House for the duration of London Fashion Week 16th – 20th September and at Zip ZoneTrade Show in Paris 30th September – 3rd October.

I recently used one of Ada’s dresses for a Phoenix magazine shoot:

phoenix4 pagan spirit 05 Studio Visit   Ada Zanditon

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Kirsty Ward

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 25th, 2011

20110725 075639 Kirsty Ward

Today I went to visit designer Kirsty Ward. Kirsty is such a fun girl and I love her bold accessories. She’s been quite busy working on her new collection, which she’ll be exhibiting during London Fashion Week at Somerset House. She’s also working on production – all the accessories are made by hand!

20110725 075648 Kirsty Ward

I used one of Kirsty’s pieces in this shoot for Phoenix Magazine with Yasmin.

phoenix4 yasmin 01 Kirsty Ward

Kirsty has also been short listed for The Global Fashion Awards!

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New Music Video – Promises, by Nero

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 11th, 2011

promises1 New Music Video   Promises, by Nero

I was quite excited to style this video for Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray of Nero with Alana Watson doing vocals. Alana was wearing a dress designed by Georgia Hardinge.

It was a fun music video to style – over 20 actors in it, and a very cinematic feel – it was directed by Ben Newman and produced by Pulse Films, who are one of the biggest producers of music videos and commercials in the UK.

Stay tuned – Pulse Films is starting to do fashion film now as well!

promises2 New Music Video   Promises, by Nero

promises3 New Music Video   Promises, by Nero

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