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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & H&M

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 29th, 2011

H&M GirlwiththeDragonTattoo Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & H&M

I really like both versions of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, based on Swedish author Stieg Larsson’s novel. In David Fincher’s  U.S. adaptation, with actress Rooney Mara-playing Lisbeth Salander you can’t help but notice her understated look. It’s the 12 piercings that she really had done and the short crazy girl fringe that makes the look fiece and slightly disturburing but the clothes are modern armour. They are tomboyish, rebellious and easy to wear.

The author is Swedish, the film is set in Sweden and H&M is Swedish so it only make sense that H&M wanted to celebrate a Hollwood film with a 30-piece collection, that sold out within moments.

There are very few collections that have the controversy around them that this collection has had. Journalist and blogger Natalie Karneef wrote an Open letter to H&M from a rape survivor. You can read the full letter here. What Natalie is saying is correct – no one wants to glorify rape, and, but this version was the "Hollywood" version – I could barely watch the Swedish verison. Karneef says  "But you {H&M} glamorize it, putting a glossy, trendy finish on the face of sexual violence and the rage and fear it leaves behind." 

Clothing is a language and this look has been around for several seasons at  All Saints, Bolongaro Trevor and New Religion and now with this collection it’s more available on the high street. The look is about empowerment – having an edge, being rebellious in an understated way. That’s why so many consumers can relate to the look and want to emulate Lisbeth style – she’s a victim but the point of the movie is that she’s also strong and intelligent, a modern-day hero to be reckoned with.


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