Today I went to visit several markets as I was looking for some sports socks for a shoot that I’m styling, so I went to Cheshire Street just off ¬†Brick Lane but the sock vendor was all out of white socks so I thought I’d head off to Petticoat Market to look for socks butContinue reading


I have very straight hair and I like that it’s straight. I recently forgot to take a hair brush on a trip with me and it didn’t actually matter – my hair is that straight. I admire all types of hair but never had any real desire to fuss with my own hair ¬†(although IContinue reading


  I’ve never seen a pigeon in it’s natural habitat. They are city birds usually eating discarded food. I often find myself feeling sorry for the pigeon with one leg or the one that looks too disheveled. Occasionally I’ll see a beautiful pigeon that looks almost regal, however this was the first time I’ve seenContinue reading


  This is Pembridge Vitality, her nickname is Tally. She belongs to the editor of Phoenix Magazine, Hannah Kane. Tally is a 17 hand dark brown mare, half Hannoverian / half British Warmblood. She’s being trained for dressage and showjumping. Likes: Food Bossing the male horses around in the field Being a drama queen GoingContinue reading


This pink dog is called Patricia de Paula – she belongs to fashion designer Hermione de Paula. It’s hard to take a picture of Patricia as she was so excited to show off her maid outfit that she couldn’t sit still!  

Exerpt from the official press release about Tiny The Beyond Retro cat. I took this picture while shopping one afternoon. This is the story of how Tiny ended up in Beyond Retro: Tiny was born in a shop down the road but was really unhappy as all of her brothers and sisters were really meanContinue reading

Sometimes it’s a pet that makes a shoot just a bit more exciting. This is Amanda Wakely’s lovely dog, Lola. She’s eight years old. Lola was so warm and friendly with everyone and she likes having her picture taken. Somehow you can’t help but like a designer just that little bit extra when they haveContinue reading

   Georgia Hardinge is the kind of girl you meet and you feel like you’ve know here for years. She’s beautiful, fun and very talented. I has the opportunity to visit her in her studio and chat about what’s next for her after such an amazing year! Will you be showing in February during LondonContinue reading