In Jakarta things seem to happen quickly as many of the stalls in Pasar Santa (Jalan Cisanggiri II, Indonesia) only opened a few weeks ago. The market was originally known for selling vegetables, fruit and household items but then several stalls opened on the top floor and started to attract a younger hipper clientele and more stallsContinue reading


If you need to escape on a rainy day, nip into Said, the new branch of a long-established Rome chocolate shop at 41 Broadwick Street in the heart of Soho. It’s small and cosy, there are tiled floors and the wall to ceiling is decorated with beautiful chromed brass, iron and steel chocolate moulds shaped as stars, shells, rabbits,Continue reading

I love art that makes me smile and this egg is part of Julian Wild‘s To Market To Market exhibit, the title being inspired by the nursury rhyme: This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had organic, hand-reared roast beef. This little piggy had none. And this littleContinue reading


During London Fashion Week I always seem to be snacking and there is always an abundance of things to eat but after a week of cupcakes and cocktails I’m looking forward to a proper meal that includes vegetables!


I met up with makeup artist Rachel Wood (you can see her on Plain Jane) for some pre-Thanks Giving preparations and we baked a Deepest Darkest Chocolate Cheesecake.


I love pops of colours. I think it’s because I’m hoping for warmer weather. I was never allowed sugary cereals when I was little and don’t eat them as an adult but I love the packaging – it’s just so happy and fun!


Today I received two calls from my office "Are you coming in – you have presents!" I was going to go to the Phoenix office today anyways but now I was a bit more excited! Who could not be delighted to find a thank-you card, red velvet cupcakes from the Hummerbird Bakery (so delicious!) andContinue reading

It’s really important to take time out and it doesn’t have to be days or even hours. It’s the season of tea and cake – the perfect way to spend a bit time enjoying Christmas cheer!

I’ve always liked Rolos. They’re quite handy for a sugar fix and good for sharing. They were introduced in 1971. I was quite surprized to discover that ASDA sells a gold plated Rolo!

I love buttons. My grandmother used to have a jar of buttons and I could never resist going through it. It’s still the same today – if there’s a shop with a box of buttons I can’t help myself – I have to know if there’s an extraordinary button in there. I recently received aContinue reading