So want to be a fashion stylist? Write a good cover letter.

I get so many emails, texts and WhatsApp messages inquiring about being a and intern. You’re writing a prospecting , there isn’t a job that’s being offered but if there is ever one going you want to be considered for a potential job. Most of the emails I receive are so poorly written and are not very well thought out. Actually, most of them are terrible, so it’s easy for the good ones to really stand out!

How do you write a good email? Pay attention to the basics.

  1. Know who you are writing to, know their name, spell it correctly. I get lots of email to ” Dear Mr…” so I know that the writer doesn’t even know who they are writing to – or they spell my name wrong even though my name is in my email.
  2. Research the person you are writing to. Look at their work and follow them on social media. Do you like what they do, is there something that resonates with you? Why do you want to work with this person? Tell them that you like about their work and mention a particular article or shoot that inspires you.
  3. Research what a fashion assistant or intern actually does. It’s important to understand the daily life of stylists’ work. Most of an assistant’s work is about the prep. What are the essential skills needed to be a fashion assistant? What does the role involve?
  4. Write about what you have to offer. Why are you suitable for the job? What is your skillset? Give suggestions about what you can do to make their workload better and easier. Most of the emails I receive tell me what a great stylist you are and how you like dressing your friends etc, but you don’t tell me what you can actually do for me and my business.
  5. Be honest. Don’t blag.

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