Fashion Shoots, so how will we work after the coronavirus pandemic?

There will be in the future. We have a love affair with fashion and that’s not going to change.

There is so much talent, established and emerging in the UK- why go anywhere else to do a shoot? One of the big changes for productions and fashion shoots is, that we won’t be flying anywhere soon. We will need to work in a more localized way. Brands, you don’t need to fly in teams or go outside the UK for your shoots. Let’s look within. You need to realine your brand values and work with teams who share your beliefs. Brands and advertisers you will need to rethink your strategy. No greenwashing, your customer can see through it. They’re smarter and more aware then they were before pandemic. Your customer has made the connection and relates to the worker at the end of your supply change. We might have not been able to do this so clearly before the pandemic but now we have more in common now. So you’ll need to rethink the stories that you want to tell.

We will still want to social distance. The teams will need to be smaller and just the essential people need to be on the shoot. No more shoots with 40 people hanging about. All the prep can be done online. The teams will have zoom meetings, share ideas and moodboards. It’s just about being efficient, practical and creative.

The team on the shoot who will have the closest contact with each other will be hair and makeup artists and the models. Of course, we will wear gloves, masks, even gowns and studios will be deep cleaned etc. I’ve seen some suggestions of models posing behind a glass wall but really if the photographer can be a metre or so away that should work. Most photographers, stylist, hair and make-up artists work in teams so these teams can have their own bubble and continue to work together, keeping a safe tight-knit group.

In the UK we don’t lack for locations, fortunately, there are so many interesting and inspiring places to shoot, and not just in London. It’s the weather that’s always the problem, you can have rain, sunshine, grey skies all in the same day. So if you want to shoot outside you often need a Plan B.

We are innovative. Right now models are shooting and styling themselves, working with art directors and photographers on zoom and face time. Ingenuity will continue and I’m looking forward to seeing more innovative work – maybe more collaborations of college, multimedia, illustration and of course video content. So many possibilities. Virtual Models might become of more importance – the same way virtual clothes are being used. We might need to become more desktop-oriented working with stills from a CGI-generated model

We have an opportunity to do a redo – I find it so exciting to see what’s next. There are going to be shoots and stories to be told. When everything changes, everything changes. I’m I too optimistic to believe we can make real change? I don’t think so.

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