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I’ve been using Palm & Sole for over a year now and the Three-In-One FACIAL MEZZE Red Mandarin & Cleansing Castor that includes a little pot of exfoliating grounds is one of my favourite products. It’s a masque, daily cleanser and exfoliator all in one. This is when taking off your makeup and removing the daily sludge of city life, becomes a ritual. It’s not just about cleaning your face and having beautiful soft skin. It’s about taking a moment for yourself, stopping and inhaling some delicious scents and slowly breathing them out.

Founder and aromatherapist Kathy Narayn-Webb first launch in 2005 with Life After Birth inspired by her own experiences after having children. Almost a decade later in 2014 she launched Palm & Sole. All of Kathy work is based and created from her everyday life experiences, looking at women needs, she creates specially-tailored treatments with a holistic vision for your Skin, Body, and Mood. She’s brought back to basics offering workshops about creating skincare from your grandmother’s kitchen with the Home Beauty Pantry Recipes. Kathy focuses on slow beauty using natural products as the oils and balms have a mixture of Norfolk and Swedish beeswax. She’s also just launched The Sensory Beauty Members’ Club – events where you can explore textures, experience aromas and play with ingredients all to a background of classic 80s/90s club anthems provided by the club DJ!

5 Minutes with Kathy

What takes up most of your time?  
Sorting out the laundry for two sporty teenagers and a bloke with too many t-shirts

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week? 
Being able to move out of a A Listed shop premises I’ve been trying to leave for 9 months.

Fun fact that most people don’t know about you?
To relax I like to DJ at home. I put disco lights on, headphones and go for it.

Album or book that changed your life? 
Ashes to Ashes by Bowie. I knew it was OK to go ahead and get my freak on.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 13.15.54What would you tell your 25 year-old self? 
Go create and don’t worry about what others think. We’re all busking it.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? 

What skill would you like to have?
I wish I could sew and make my own clothes.

Did you expect to open up your own shop?
Never! It was amazing and four years running a premises single handedly isn’t bad.

How did you go from a Music & Entertainment producer/interviewer at the BBC to becoming an Aromatherapist? How does that happen?
I’ve always loved aromatherapy. I worked for Anita Roddick when she opened her co-operatively run Body Shop in Bond Street while I was studying at Goldsmiths. I was also a make-up artist and hairdresser for the briefest of times. At the BBC I realised that no matter how beautiful and successful you’re perceived to be, no-one ever feels good enough. Training as an aromatherapist was a way to really make people stop, connect with how they are and increase confidence levels. I just want us each to embrace and celebrate the things that make us unique.  All this busting a gut to try and look like and be someone else is making us ill. It’s also killing creativity.

Beauty product

What’s your favourite scent?
That tends to change with my needs but right now, Neroli – an orange blossom that’s balancing for the skin, calming for the body and uplifting for the mind. End of the day? Vetiver, Ginger and Frankincense. Deep rooty, underground, smokey. It’s like being pushed into the floor. Great for getting to sleep.

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