I’m sick of Black Tights

Tights_rebekahroyI wear mostly dresses and it’s December, almost Christmas and I’m sick of . I keep my in two boxes: the more pratical boring black in one box and then, there is the other box. The other box is more exciting – it has big fishnets in greens and pinks and small fishnets in all different colours but they just aren’t warm enough for winter. I did find a pair of plum coloured and now I’m wearing them, they’re better than black but still a bit uninteresting… Then there is the dilemma of what shoes to wear? Will my legs look fatter in coloured ? Who cares. I tell myself – You’ve got legs – show them off – dance away and celebrate!

If you’re not sure about bright tights try some glitter tights – they’re kind of fun. I love black but some days when it’s dark by 4pm I need a bit more colour in my life. So I turned to – you can solve my problem by the next day so I’ve order some tights. And yes they are black, which solves my shoe issue. I’m going away for a few days and only want to take one pair of shoes…so at least for the holidays it won’t be solid black.

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