5 Styling Maxims

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I’m always being asked for top styling tips so I thought I’d start sharing some with you. It’s really easy to get into a style rut. We often choose the same colours and same shapes with small variations and we ignore that are bodies change. Clothing is an expression of who you are. You are communicating something to people regardless of whether you mean to or not. A simple example is a uniform – you recognize what someone does, i.e. a policeman, a nurse because of what they are wearing. What are your clothes saying about you?

5 Top Styling Tips

  1. I always ask my clients if they are dressing for an event and what kind of event it is. It’s important to know where are you going and what type of outfit is appropriate. Is it to work, to a wedding or out dancing? Clothes are also a response to a social situation so where you are going influences your fashion choices. Are you wearing a onesie because at home on a Sunday morning or is it Monday morning and you’re looking smart because going to meet a new client?
  2. Make sure it fits you properly. Don’t be afraid of sizing, every manufacture sizing is different. If it fits it fits. Try on a few sizes  and different shape to see which is most flattering.
  3. Be comfortable in what you wear. If you’re not comfortable you’re look uncomfortable and have a bad experience. This happened to me with a pair of shoes. I recently rediscover a pair that I don’t wear often only to find out that they pinch my feet and I felt like I was suffering and cranky all afternoon. (They’ve now gone to the charity shop.) When you’re trying something new, sit down in the outfit, move your arms, find your comfort level. There’s usually a chair in the fitting room – it has a purpose sit down in your jeans and see if they’re still comfortable.
  4. Style – make the outfit yours! It’s easy to buy the same outfit as someone else but the key is to make it your own. Explore your own style. This is the time to think outside your box and try things you wouldn’t normally do. Choose a different colour, if it doesn’t work change it and when it works it will catch your eye. Try on different accessories. Create a space for all of them, I have a cabinet that is just devote to accessories. Style is all about exploring, it’s something you can have fun with. It can take time but you’re worth  it! I’ll often find something new by accident. I’ll be looking for a certain top that always works with a certain skirt and I can’t find it so I’m forced to choose something else, and then I discover a whole new look.
  5. Trust yourself! ‘Owning it‘ is not about what you purchased – it’s about owning the look, feeling brave -that even if you don’t show this side of you often, it’s a part of you. It’s sincere, honest and you’re just killing it with this look!


Picture: Me wearing a Stephen Jones’s hat at London fashion Week

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