Bernstock Spears: The original hat with Ears!

bernstockspeirs_hatI think hats have a magical quality. I like a hat for practical purposes: to either block out the sun or to keep me warm, but there is also a feeling of safety that I get from wearing a hat. I’m not sure if that’s because of the hats practical or whimsical nature. So often for religious reasons one wears a hat perhaps to be humble, to be modest but there is a security in the covering of our head.

Bernstock Spears hats are whimsical. Some people feel more serious in a hat but I tend to feel sillier, happier and safer in a hat. makes baseball caps with bunny ears and toques with bows and veils in a variety of different combinations and knits.

Paul Bernstock and Thelma Spears met at art school, inspired by the underground club and music scene in the 80s they created their label in 1982. They have a shop on Bricklane in East London, close to where I live so I find myself frequently passing by. They are usually in the shop working so you might be lucky enough to meet them – they’re very nice and unassuming. Over the years they’ve done many collaborations including ones with Sibling, Peter Jensen, Richard Nicoll, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Agnes B.

Just because you see a hat with cute bunny ears or a toque with a veil doesn’t mean it’s an original Bernstock Spears. Beware of the copy cats. I hate the idea of wearing or supporting a copy cat.

Spot two Bernstock Spears bunny hats in ’s video!

Yup, it’s me and my bff and we’re both wearing hats! And it was unplanned, but don’t you find you love the same clothes as your friends?

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