Morning Rituals: The Weekend Breakfast

breadIt’s important to have rituals and they don’t have to be complicated. The weekend is one of my favourite things. It’s what separates the work week from taking time out. Work for me is never realIy Monday to Friday as I do like working on the weekends and I often plan shoots on Sundays. I know it’s important to stop sometimes, but working as freelancer I can never quite stop so it’s hard to know what makes the difference from a workday or an actual day off.

I never really know what the next day will bring so I like to have a few rituals and habits for example during the week I have a fresh smoothy every morning usually it’s variety of different fruits with almond milk. A day off means having a sit-down breakfast – just anything different from a smoothy. Simple pleasures.

I’ve recently been exploring more of  and discovered the family run bakery Rinkoff. It’s an old East London bakery that started in 1911 and they’re famous for making – a cross between a croissant and doughnut filled all sorts of yummy things from cream cheese or nutella to Bramley apples and cinnamon. They have some great breads too, like the wholemeal sourdough and the sunflower bap! It’s also worth mentioning that the staff were so warm and friendly!






224 Jubilee Street
London, E1 3BS



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