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img_2441-1I recently watched a Ted Talk, The Cure for Grief by Norah Casey – Norah says the only way out of grief is motion.  I believe it to be true, as it’s been my own experience. It’s been a very strange year for me. After my husband died I had the opportunity to go to Pakistan, Lagos and Saudi Arabia these adventures were life changing, not in big momentous ways (like the death of loosing someone you love) but in little ways that slowly shift your perception. It’s impossible for me to and not be influence by these collective experiences.

You don’t have to go far to have new experience. In London I live like I’m a tourist. If I have a few moments I nip into a museum or walk up a side street that I haven’t been on before. This week I did a shoot in , by train it’s just a few hours outside of London, on the English Channel.  It felt like we were on the edge of the earth, with the tide coming in and the dark skies. It was very beautiful, romantic and desolate all at the same time. Our shoot went so well and I’ll post the shoot images once it’s been published. Looking forward to more mini travel adventures this year!


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