Success & 30 Second Dance Party!

img_0946My dad has always called it D&D – discipline and desire, I’m not sure whether he realised it or not but it became my personal motto. Unfortunately the things I Iike to do, for myself get pushed aside when I’m busy  – which is why I wanted

Much of my work day is all about shoots and prep but right now my focus is on . I’m styling a couple of shows so I’m really excited. It’s been quite busy and of course it’s all consuming! But I still want to be productive which means taking time out in the morning to plan and visualise my day. I like to spend some time each morning researching designers, photographers etc – usually on social media, so I have to make sure I stay focused, as it’s so easy to get distracted, looking at cute kittens etc… It’s usually the gym that get’s neglected. So instead of getting overly annoyed with myself I’ve bought a skipping rope and I’m getting quite good at it. All of this work happenes before 10am and it help determine how the rest of my days goes.

When I need to write or focus I’m quite good at closing all my browsers, not looking at social media and just focusing on the task – one task at a time. I time box everything, even shopping, appointments, lunch. Work tasks are 25 minute time slots, it’s how long I can really focus on one thought and still be productive. Although this was a technique that I just stumbled upon I just learned that this is actually a time management technique called the Comodoro technique. I started breaking things in to time blocks when I was at university. I found if I didn’t time box things I could ponder over an idea for hours and nothing would get done.

If I’ve been sitting too long or feel a bit stuck in an idea, I think it’s important to get up and move. For some that might just mean a coffee but I love Liz Lemon’s 30 second dance party from 30 Rock and jumping jacks work too!




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