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img_0780img_5565. Do you believe if you commit a vision to paper, create a in detail, and share the vision with your team that it will become true? I do this every week with moodboards for photoshoots and our moodboards become a reality. So what if you create vision or for your life would that work?  I know lots of people who believe  in vision boards and have suggested that I try it.

This year it’s been a struggle to know what I want or would even like. The life I had has completely change so I need to figure out some new things.
I like waking up to sunlight, (not an alarm clock) but just a little bit of light, that lights up part of the bedroom. I start my day with thinking about my intentions and to all those I’m grateful for and I’m grateful to so many people who have been helping me on this journey. My ideal day would include going to the gym in the morning to yoga or spinning and then I’d head out to breakfast with my team for eggs & avocado. I’d work on concepts, creating mood boards for shoots. Work has become really important to me it gives me focus and grounds me. I think much of my creative life been a bit haphazard and I just go with the flow so I’ve decided I want to do work that I really want to do, I don’t want to compromise. I love being part of a team whose synergy can’t take the shoot to a whole other level. Creating images is one of my favourite things and I also love writing late a night when everything’s quite. I want to start writing more.

Creating a vision for the future is not an easy thing at any time and defiantly not at this point in my life but it’s something that I want to do. I’ve started slowly creating challenges and goals that i know I can obtain, so each day become more positive and I can slowly start to see that there is a future.


This post is Day 3 of ‘s a 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day.

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