Getting a new mobile: The Honor 6+

Huawei-Honor-6I have a love hate relationship with my . I don’t like to be dependent on anything but my is my lifeline. It’s like a soother for adults and I panic when I don’t know where my phone is. My clothes never seem to have pockets so I’m always misplacing my while on shoots. Then my team & myself are running around looking everywhere for it as it’s usually on silent at a shoot. Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a new the Honor 6+ by . Like with any new relationship I’m happy at first, I love how the phone looks, it’s all shiny and new and the big HD 5-inch display isn’t cracked and looks beautiful. It has a pixel density of 440 pixels per inch so everything looks amazing on the screen and the colour temperature is pretty even and the photos look good! Then slowly over the first few weeks I start to miss my old mobile, the familiarly, suddenly there is an app that I’m missing or I miss a shot as I’m not fast enough or I don’t know the angles of my camera as well as I’d like. Sometimes I miss a call as I don’t realize it’s my mobile ringing as I don’t have my usual Totoro ring tone on it yet… Then slowly my feeling starts to change suddenly I feel in sync with my new mobile. It’s usually the camera that makes me love a mobile, and this one has a fast autofocus which works well. I do love the screen of the +, although it’s bit big for my hand I like the size and I’ve dropped it several times but the screen hasn’t cracked. I’m not sure if that’s because it has a fiberglass based cover or if I was just lucky. I still need to get a case for it as my last mobile was so cracked I could barely text without getting a few typos. I have to use both thumbs to type on my + as it’s too big to use with just one hand. The mobile also has a large battery which will usually last me a full day before it needs to be recharged. It’s supposed to last a user up to two days but I use my mobile for everything all the time, so battery life is always an issue for me, and my previous mobile was barely lasting the morning so this is so much better.

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