Apart Art Gallery Pop Up in East London


There is a new pop up gallery opening this week at 132 Commercial Road which looks quite curious. The windows have florescent coloured super cute bunnies alongside a slightly sinister female mannequin dressed in black latex and a colourful sea diver – it’s all quite intriguing.  The gallery is part of the 2014 London Summer Exhibition with an international line up of APART artists.

From their press release: ‘Apart was opened by Adrian Palengat in a former antiques market on London’s Portobello Road in December 1999. It’s known for its early work with a significant number of established artists and for its playful, pop influenced eye, the gallery has more recently become known for its overseas show programme, with its shows in Europe, Asia and the United States.The gallery has operated as a full time popup since 2006.’

The exhibition is open until August 24th.




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