Escape & the Bath Abbey Hotel


I love staying in and it’s not just because I like little soaps and white towels. I live in my own world of fashion debris. There are always suitcases and rails of clothes constantly being packed and unpacked. It’s an endless cycle – of course I’m happy to always be working but a hotel room offers me a true sense of escapism – a world of minimalism. Whereever I go it’s like bric-a-brac follows me, I know it’s part of the job and I embrace that, but there is nothing like the feeling of pure simplicity that a hotel room offers and how peaceful that can be, even if it’s just for a few moments before all the luggage arrives and takes over the room…

The view from my hotel room in Bath


The clean, simple minimalist but warm room at the Bath Abbey Hotel.


Beautiful views on the train to Bath.

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