Colouring your hair and taking care of the damaged ends!

No matter what you wear your hair is one of your best accessories. I love having my hair coloured and it’s not something I’ve ever attempted to do myself. I know too many people who have horror stories – one friend had an allergic reaction and her face swelled up and she was looking unrecognisable for a few days, and other friends have just a bad dye job where the colour didn’t work at all. I’m not willing to take that risk.

Recently I went back to Radio to have my hair coloured at , I hadn’t been back to them in ages but whenever I had gone there they did such a good job and I felt my hair needed a bit of extra attention. They  keep a file on your hair so that each time you go in they know exactly what was done before. My hair had been a bit over processed and the ends were quite damaged, Radio recommended Bumble and Bumble Mending Complex and Masque for the truly damaged hair. I didn’t really like admitting to myself that my hair was truly damaged but it was. I didn’t think a masque would make that much difference to the dry ends  but it  did and the Mending Complex was great. I thought it would make the ends greasy but it didn’t at all: they suddenly looked rich and healthy. I’m always surprised when I find the right products for my skin or hair and they actually make a difference!

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