The All Star Converse


Sometimes we don’t know why a brand is popular or trendy – it just is, but really nothing ever just is.

The All Star Converse was designed in 1917.  Chuck Taylor was a high school basketball player who loved Converse All Stars. He worked as a travelling sales person for the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Converse was known as a netball and soccer shoe, it wasn’t known for basketball as Spalding was the popular basketball shoe at that time but Chuck Taylor was to change all that. He called Converse a  basketball shoe, improved the flexibility and support of the shoe while promoting and teaching basketball. Converse All-Stars Were Worn By Team USA in the first ever Olympic basketball game in 1936 – the Americans won the Gold metal. By the 1940s, Converse All Stars were the most popular basketball shoe in the US. They were made in the US until 2002 and were acquired by Nike in 2003 and now Converse is presently sold in over 160 countries.

My pair of Converse All Star Hi Collar Stud still has the basic design from 1949 with ventilation eyelets that were added in 1932 and the Chuck Taylor ankle patch but they’re a bit more trendy with studs on the side.


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