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Over the past few years I’ve had several who’ve come from The University of Georgia – Athens, US for the summer. Most of the students have never been to London so it’s quite an exciting experience for them. Megan interned with me for 5 to 6 weeks with this past summer and I wanted to share her experience with you.

What did you expect London to be like?

Before arriving in London, I did not have many set expectations.  The few things I knew were that there were many famous monuments I intended to visit, and that “chips” in London are not the same as “chips” in America.  I also expected many rainy days and cold weather.

How was your experience different from your expectations?

London was different from my expectations for a variety of reasons.  When first arriving into the city, I was taken aback by how similar it was to New York City.  However, the cleaner atmosphere and much easier way of transportation had me falling in love with London from day one.  Of course the incredible shopping did not hurt either!  The weather was also more enjoyable than I expected.  Yes, there were a few rainy days, but there were also many days where I could leave my flat in shorts and a tank!

How important do you think internships are? Do you think it’s important to do internships abroad?

I believe that internships are essential, especially for a student interested in fashion.  Internships not only allow one to further their learning in a specific field, but it also gives them the opportunity to make connections with professionals in their industry.  Although I do not think it is necessary, it is quite rewarding to have an internship abroad.  It gives the student a more worldly perspective and forces them to look at things from different angles and opinions than just those of their own country.

What was your favourite shop in London and why?

My favorite store in London was certainly Top Shop.  I have never been to a shop that is more of an experience than a store.  The mix of extravagant clothes, tasty food, and opportunities to pamper oneself allows most consumers to invest hours roaming the three to four story dreamland.

Did you enjoy your internship?

I absolutely loved my internship! I feel so blessed to have met my wonderful boss, Rebekah Roy, and her assistant Victoria.  My internship required me to visit various addresses around the city.  At first I was a bit nervous that I would arrive at the wrong place, but after only a week I felt like a true Londoner.  I also had the opportunity to work on two photo shoots, which has always been a dream of mine!

What did you learn most from your internship?

The main thing I learned from my internship is that there is a reason behind each and every aspect that goes into a photo shoot.  Before I went to London, I thought outfits were put together just because they looked good.  However, Rebekah taught me that every last detail is thoroughly thought out beforehand.

What was your favourite experience?

My favorite experience throughout my internship was going to appointments at various PR companies and helping Rebekah pull jewelry and apparel for one of her clients, Kate Nash.  Although I never met Kate, I felt that by the end of my internship I had a good sense of her type of style and was able to assist Rebekah in picking out pieces.

What would you like to do when you finish your studies?

I am not exactly sure what I want to do after college, but I am confident that it will be in the field of fashion.  I love nothing more than learning about individual patterns and why one piece of clothing goes with another.

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