The Sandal and the Craftsman



I’m not one to get my feet out but with the warmer weather I want to experience every moment of it and if that means exposing my feet then that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not that there is anything unusual about my feet but I’ve never been too keen on until I I saw these green snakeskin flat – perfect for everyday.

Friends Anita Califano and Francesca Carrillo debut their concept pop up shop with three styles, two of styles are made in their workshop in Italy and the 3rd style is custom made and is only £60! The Sandal and the Craftsman make the sandals while you wait – taking only about 15 minutes! The sandals are made with the highest quality of leather so they will wear well and become softer over time. Choosing the colour is a bit of a challenge with shades ranging from pillar box red, to olive and metallic!





The pop up shop is at Rivington Street, London until June 23rd. Visit their site for more information The Sandal and the Craftsman.

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