Roland Mouret in conversation with Susannah Frankel, Fashion Director of Grazia Magazine


is charming. The whole audience was swooning over him. It might be his French accent, his good looks or the simple fact that he understands women.

Roland Mouret curated the exhibition in , for . During an interview with , Fashion Director of Roland said he loved the period of the 40’s and 50’s -"it was a time redefining what women should do" and Parkinson’s work was not about the model but it was about the women. It is because of Parkinson’s sincere understanding and love for women that it made sense for Mouret to curate the exhibition.  Mouret says "I’m a sucker for how women move…you remember the outfit because they move".


He isn’t your typical designer: he started out as a model and a stylist. He is the son of a butcher and has no formal training as a designer – but he’s innovative. He first worked in his father’s butcher shop and without realizing it, he learned the art of cutting and he also learned that nothing is to be wasted – an important design lesson. He used his bed sheets for calico and made a dress with no sleeves and no zipper as it was easier to design and then used a hat pin as a closure as it was more French.

Roland is famous for his "to make a fitted dress where a women will feel like she can move in it…shape is perfection". Mouret said it was "when I understood that women wear a bra it changed my life". He created the Galaxy dress using a strong, stretchy fabric called Powerflex, which was used to make underwear in the 1950s. This lining has been so significant that it became a separate slip and which is almost hard to purchase as it’s always sold out.





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