Sunshine & Shopping on Brick Lane

We needed some sunny weather so we’ll start spending! I’ve spent the past couple of weeks meeting retailers and listening to them all recount the same story – it’s been an abysmal month and they are not moving their spring stock. Some retailers said that they’ve been able put their orders on hold, others are already on their second drop and a few have been able to react to the cooler weather and have put back their winter jumpers on the shop floor only to sell out! Independent retailers are putting spring stock in their windows but making sure to include a piece of knitwear – even if it’s just thrown over the shoulders. Spring stock hasn’t been moving so let’s hope that a week of sunshine will get us all and wearing brighter colours!



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  1. Ali Arshad
    April 15, 2013 at 8:08

    Hey,I am a new blogger in this world and an aspiring fashion consultant-Your Blog is so inspiring and your work really does encompass FASHION.
    -I love your work,It is really a treat to read your blog as to inspire myself :)

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