Bath in Fashion Blogger Award!

I’m one of the judges for The Bath in Fashion Blogger Award and I’ve spent the weekend reviewing fashion . I don’t often or really ever get a whole weekend to sit down and read tons of so it’s quite a treat. I love just reading about how people love fashion. Many of the I’m reviewing – the blogger works or is in university full time and just loves fashion – which somehow makes me very happy. I work in fashion and I’m always thinking about the customer – the wearer – will they like something, will it become a favourite piece of clothing in their wardrobe. I still meet editors and PRs who have a bit of attiutude towards bloggers (and saying that I have met some pushy bloggers) but there definitely is a need for bloggers. Not all bloggers want to work in fashion – but they like clothes, share what they’re wearing and their shopping experience with their readers – all of this information is important to those who work in the fashion industry.

Fashion happens everywhere and a lot of blogs are just generally about fashion – what is nice about this award is all of the bloggers considered are based in Bath/Bristol and the surrounding area and the local angle is great: you’d be surprised how many retail fashion shows and in-store events are happening all over the UK. There will be a short list of the 10 finalists and then the winner will be announced at the Bath In Fashion fashion show on Thursday 18 April.

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2 comments on “Bath in Fashion Blogger Award!

  1. Ceri
    March 25, 2013 at 17:17

    Bath is definitely a fantastic place for fashion! and we have lots of amazing fashion bloggers too. I love the way that bloggers all have their own individual take on style. I always look to fashion blogs for my inspiration these days.

  2. fashion style
    May 2, 2013 at 8:08

    Have you ever gone shopping and left the store frustrated at not finding anything that fit your style? Or bought way too much because you just didn’t think you had anything to match that amazing new blouse? Putting together fashionable outfit combinations and knowing what new pieces or accessories you could use is a challenge for the most organized of fashion enthusiasts. Expanding your horizons by venturing outside of your comfort zone and trying something different or buying something daring for you might be a little frightening. Here are a couple outfit combination ideas to keep in mind next time you go shopping.

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