Maison Triumph at London Fashion Week

I had quite a busy week with Triumph this London Fashion Week. I hosted three fashion shows for Triumph at The House of Frazer and I had the pleasure of interviewing Fydor Golyan while they did a live demonstation at Maison Triumph in Covent Garden.

Triumph are the official supplier of underwear at London Fashion Week and this season, with the help of the British Fashion Council, Triumph also collaborated with Matthew Williamson, Felder Felder, Louise Gray and Fyodor Golan to create unique customisations of their underwear.

Triumph has quite a long history – a lot of people don’t realize that they’ve been around for 127 years! They originally started making corsets and quickly moved forward as women’s fashion changed, making the necessary underpinning to go with it. So many of things that we take for granted while wearing a bra was something that Triumph was the first to do, for example instead of button on the back of a bra Triumph was the first to add the hook and eye. They also were the first to add adjustable straps and padding. I’m quite obsessed with having the correct undergarments as it can make all the difference, and not just to how the garment looks but how you feel about yourself. The right undergarment can just add a boost of confidence.

In a way clothes and undergarments shouldn’t have so much ‘power’ to influence or change the way you feel about yourself but they do. Clothes influence how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. To me it’s quite simple: wear things that fit you, look after your body and wear the right size bra.

I really like Fydor Goylan’ s work and have used their designs for editoral as well as dressing celebrities so I was quite delighted to interview them for Triumph. We discovered that Golan’s mum, who attended the event, has been wearing Triumph her whole life! Fyodor Golan always design with a womens shape in mind and not just one shape – they understand what works for many women.

(Golan Frydma on the left and Fyodor Podgorny is on the right)

David Longshaw did some wonderful illustrations of Maude wearing Triumph!

Gossiping about wearing the right underpinning with Maude.

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