The Alice Bag from Knomo


I love a good handbag and I’ve recently fallen in love with the Alice Bag from Knomo. It’s quite a good size bag so it was perfect to take to for a photoshoot. Also it’s not heavy – I have a few bags that I adore but they are so heavy even before I’ve put anything in them that they hurt my shoulder.  So, I’m trying to be a bit more practical in my handbag choices.  It’s hard to find a fashionable laptop bag but Alice has a quilted compartment for your laptop or Ipad so you don’t need to put it in a cover as it’s already protected in the bag – I tend to toss everything into my bag so it’s perfect for me. Also if you lose the bag it is fitted with a permanent ‘if lost’ tag on the inside sleeve featuring a tracking code and international phone numbers so if found it could be returned to you.


My Alice bag in New York.




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