Corrie Nielsen SS13 Florilegium – The Gathering of Flowers

I met a few seasons ago and I knew that I wanted to work with her and be part of her team.

This season Corrie collaborated with the Royal Botanic Gardens and was able to see Kew’s seed libraries, original documentation of Charles Darwin, galleries and a vast catalogue of images. The moodboard in Corrie’s studio is a whole wall covered with photographs of flowers and plants that she photographed at Kew Gardens – it’s beautiful.

A simple way to show flowers is by prints but there are no prints in this collection. It is the shapes in this collection that are inspired by flowers. We opened the show with the Peony Rose Jacket. This is one of my favourite pieces as it’s a true signature piece: a sculpted form with elaborate tailoring. I also love the hidden details in this collection. In the centre of the flower, of the Peony Roses, there are tiny hand cut yellow leather pieces forming the stamen. It’s an exquisite detail. Corrie designs for women and it’s easy to envision her pieces on the red carpet. This collection is wearable perhaps with the exception of the Greenhouse dress unless of course you’re a brave fashionista like . The collection consists of many separates with names like: The Tulip Skirt, The Mushroom Blouse, The Birds of Paradise Jacket and the Lilium Blouse. The finale avant-garde dip-dyed wedding dress with trailing swathes of finely layered ivory silk is Corrie’s interpretation of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Corrie Nielsen will be exibiting in Paris from September 28th until October 1st.

Le Meurice Hotel
6 rue Castiglione
Paris 75001
10:00am – 8:00pm

All images by photographer Christopher Dadey

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