I love vintage shopping but this is the first vintage department store that I’ve been to! Blitz is 5-room Victorian warehouse space that covers 9,000 sq feet. It boasts more stock than any other vintage store in London it seems to have everything from vintage poloroid cameras to an array of trendy over-dyed shorts. IContinue reading


Some cows have beautiful eyelashes.


I loved manicured gardens – everything is orderly and precise. I also love the unexpected and a bit of humour but it’s not something I’d expect to find while strolling though rose gardens. While wandering around Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park I saw roses with fanciful names like Ice Cream, and Ingrid Bergman. ThenContinue reading


I love pops of colours. I think it’s because I’m hoping for warmer weather. I was never allowed sugary cereals when I was little and don’t eat them as an adult but I love the packaging – it’s just so happy and fun!


Yesterday was quite an exciting day for all the students at Bath Spa – each year participated in the fashion show: 1st year showed the white shirt and tailored coat collection, 2nd years showed the Double O and Red Dress Collection and of course the 3rd years showed their final collections and it was aContinue reading


Lately I’ve been obssessed with all things punk – which I think is actually because of the Queen’s Jubliee and watching the Punk Britannia series. I recently when to the exhibition of Simon Barker’s photographs from 1976-77 at the Divus Temporary Gallery on Wilkes Street. (in East London). It’s just refreshing to see raw, uninhibitedContinue reading


Are you ready for Ascot? Well if you don’t have the perfect hat it’s worth a visit to the Ascot Pop-up Shop featuring milliner Piers Atkinson. A good hat can serve many purposes but at Ascot you want the hat of all hats. It’s the one place where no hat is over the top. MakeContinue reading


I’ve known Stefan Orschel Read for quite a few years and I’m a huge fan of his work. This collection is grown up, it’s clever, intelligent and wearable. Stefan has always been a great pattern cutter – this season you notice the innovative detail as everything is more subtle. Orschel Read explains "one thing IContinue reading

Kate Nash wrote this song, recorded it and did the video in one day.  She’d been doing filming and press interviews all day and at 8pm she asked me to go to her house and find her some bright coloured dresses as she was going to shoot a video later that night – but firstContinue reading

It’s the perfect time to put men on fashion covers that traditionally feature women. This month both Elle UK and Phoenix feature their first man on a cover – and why not? Both cover models are called David, they are each supermodels, fashion icons and have beautiful bodies. This week in London is the firstContinue reading

Sometimes you see a student’s collection and you just know it’s something really special. That’s how the selection committee felt when we were selecting the Bath Spa 3rd Year Final Collections – Selection for Graduate Fashion Week 2012. I’m so delighted: tonight Chloe Jones won the grand prize of Graduate Fashion Week – The GeorgeContinue reading


Phoenix Magazine did a live photoshoot featuring six semi finalists for the Graduate Fashion Week Best of British for George competition. Each designer created a capsule collection that was inspired by the heritage of the local area surrounding their university. The finalists are Susanna Yi from the University of East London, Leanne Jordon from theContinue reading


I’ve been trying to do things that I don’t normally do. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a big experience or something small as long as it’s not part of my every day routine. I don’t even remember the last time I had a hotdog, it’s not really something I’d eat but the ‘Big Apple Hotdog‘Continue reading

A Jubilee party with friends is the perfect way to celebrate ‘The Jubilee Street Party‘. We partied indoors to avoid the rain but the spirt of the street party and our love of picnics prevailed indoors! We lunched on traditional home made British foods like: Piggies in a Blanket and a ploughman’s lunch, with pimms.Continue reading