It’s been so rainy lately that I’ve opted for colouful, cheery bags instead of black suitcases.

On a rainy day you may as well have an umbrella that makes you happy. I’m quite into tartan at the moment and I’m coveting this London Undercover umbrella at Oliver Spencer. The first umbrella appeared in the UK in the 12th century – they were already used in Egypt around 1200BC but for shade.


On my last day in LA I managed to get a picture of the Hollywood sign! It’s been a good trip and in a short time I’ve done quite a bit of work and worked with some super amazing people that I can’t wait to work with again! My handbag and I lunched at theContinue reading


I’m loving the palm trees in LA – somehow it really signifies that I’m really in California. It wouldn’t be right to travel all this way and not spend a day at the beach. Malibu Beach is beautiful but the Pacific Ocean is freeezing. There are lots of surfers – which just seems really coolContinue reading


I don’t think I ever realized that Los Angeles would feel like a desert – hot and dry with mountain peaks that could actually be snow covered in the winter. It’s been really hot and sunny, and most of our shoot time as been spent outside – which is great. It’s always a bit disappointingContinue reading


I’ve learned that when one arrives from the UK it’s a good idea of have a cat nap after the 11 hour flight and then go out for dinner. It’s best to go out with a friend who understands how exhausting the flight is and it’s their goal to keep you up until 11pm orContinue reading


Are you shopping before you even reach your destination? Well at Terminal 3 in Heathrow there are so many shops: Bally, Gucci, Harrods, Hermes, Miu Mui, Bulgari, Paul Smith, Chanel, Pink, Mulberry, Jo Malone, MAC and Zara – and there are still loads more. I’m a big fan of airport shopping. I have my ownContinue reading


  Corrie Nielsen’s Autumn/Winter 2012, entitled “Vestiarium Scoticum” was one of my favourite shows. I love all the tartan and polka dot looks and her jackets with her signature shoulders and nipped in at the waist. She used Royal Stewart tartan, MacLellan tartan and Burns Check, monochrome tartan, Duchess satin and silk grosgrain with laceContinue reading


These are my lovely dressers for Bath In Fashion 2012 and they are all 2nd year students from Bath Spa Univiersity, Fashion Design. The students were truly challenged this week as they had to dress the models for 5 shows and several of those shows had over 150 looks! It’s a lot of responsibility forContinue reading