Made Where?


Not that long ago organic food was only in specialty shops and now you can find it in all the big grocery shops. Imagine if a fashion retailer was a bit more like a grocery shop and there was signage about where a garment was made. In the past few years we have organic and eco fashion sections in high street  shop. Would it make a difference in how you shop?

Pomegranates – Peruvian

Limes – Brazilian

Lemons – Spanish


Apples – Italian


Grapefruit – Cyprus

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  1. Claire Watt-Smith
    March 21, 2012 at 17:17

    I think that where products are being made is a big issue at the moment. It is the garment’s history that you need to think about; from the end product to where the thread is from and how it is dyed. It is a minefield out there and I think that to shop locally and encourage local small scale production is key. However, you have to have the support of the public; they have to want such quality products once again. With online and high streets now being dominated by the fast fashion chains and coffee shop chains, it is no wonder why we are lacking skills in the UK. I personally am trying to bring some manufacturing back to the UK with BoBelle London and in doing so, promoting more durable, lasting fashion that you will be proud to hand down to your daughter in years to come. We must nurture our skilled labourforce and encourage more production here if we are to grow economically. Cheap and disposable fashion might cause a thrill first off, but break down the maths; how that garment is made, the conditions of work, the cost of labour and profit margins for the companies and you’ll see why hand made in the UK is worth the money spent; not just environmentally but economically too.

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