So many of my meetings seem to take place over cake with a glass of something bubbly. For the most part working in fashion is never as glamorous as it looks – but, every now and then it really is! Just as you feel one fashion week is over I’m already having meetings planning theContinue reading

We tend to think that it’s only recently that celebrities and film stars influence and make fashion trends but there has always been a desire for the latest look. You might think ASOS was the original ‘As Seen On Screen‘ but in the 1930’s Macy’s had a Cinema Shop, which specialized in gowns worn byContinue reading


I think I’ve been quite inspired by Mary Portas and her Made in Britain series so I keep looking for items that are made in the UK. While prepping for Bath in Fashion I get to visit quite a few of the independent boutiques in Bath and it’s exciting to find items that are madeContinue reading


Not that long ago organic food was only in specialty shops and now you can find it in all the big grocery shops. Imagine if a fashion retailer was a bit more like a grocery shop and there was signage about where a garment was made. In the past few years we have organic andContinue reading


Today I received two calls from my office "Are you coming in – you have presents!" I was going to go to the Phoenix office today anyways but now I was a bit more excited! Who could not be delighted to find a thank-you card, red velvet cupcakes from the Hummerbird Bakery (so delicious!) andContinue reading


I love seeing people filming on the streets in London. I was passing through Soho and saw some filming with Anna Friel in the blue coat with white trim. She looked beautful. They were filming for the King of Soho with Steve Coogan. It a film about porn King Paul Raymond, and Anna plays hisContinue reading


Hair art is becoming more and more popular. I recently saw hair and makeup artist’s work, Shinji Konishi at Luna & Curious.. Luna & Curious 24-26 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP


I’m spending lots of time in Bath this month preparing for Bath in Fashion. There are so many amazing events happening at the end of this month: Manolo Blahnik is being interviewed by Iain R. Webb, Stephen Jones has curated an exhibition and is being interviewed by Sarah Mower and I’m styling several fashion showsContinue reading


I love Mawi jewellery, it’s strong, bold and has an edge to it and is still beautful. I’ve used it in quite a few shoots including in this image for Pheonix magazine. Mawi,11 Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch London E2 7JP


Love this ad. I saw it on the fitting room wall in one of my favourite vintage shops, Paper Dress Vintage.


If you want good hair then you need a good hair stylist! Backstage at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch show there is a team of hairstylists and every one of them is essential. This team from Toni & Guy was great, they were so fast and efficient that all 18 models had their hairContinue reading


I love looking at the photographers in the pit and listening to the clicking sounds – when a fabulous dress goes down the runway the clicking can double!


The whole month of February has been like living in a fashion dream. It’s been a crazy time with the run up to London Fashion Week and then London Fashion Weekend and some epic photoshoots. I had such an amazing time working with The Ones to Watch. I really enjoy working with new designers, it’sContinue reading