The Sports Bra – Panache – Banish the Bounce!

When a bra campaign uses the phrase #banishthebounce for their twitter you just hope it’s true. I love going for a run but my sports bra was driving me insane. Ten minutes into my run I could feel the straps cutting into my shoulders. After complaining about my bad experience on twitter quite a few people recommended the Panache Sports Bra. I already have one of their bras and it’s my favourite one but sports bras are just a whole different thing. If you’re a D-cup or more you understand exactly what I mean. I’ve known so many girls who might wear a running bra and compression top just so that they can exercise. I tried on my new bra and jumped up and down in my livingroom and thought ok this could work. It’s the first time in ages that I’ve gone for a run and haven’t thought about my bra and how strapped and bound in I feel. Today I actually just thought about the cool air and how much I like running.

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