Graduate Fashion Week Designers at The Fashion Summit

Today was the first day of the WGSN Fashion Summit and I styled a fashion show featuring 6 recent graduate designers. It’s always exciting to work with a graduate collection – it’s very fresh and you can see all the effort that went into the collection and the thought behind it. A graduate collection is different from a ‘’ collection; it’s usually smaller, maybe 10 pieces – we featured 3 looks from 6 designers. You can really see the development of an idea or technique that the student is working on – and of course the potential!

On the mannequins:

Ume Romaan – De Montford
Rory Longdob – Nottingham
Shivani Chavd – De Montford
Dominique Krai – Northbrook College
Camilla Woodman – Kingston
Parsha Gerayesh-Nejad – Westminister

This is a picture of a few of my dressers backstage – they did such great job. Backstage there was an amazing energy – we all loved the clothes but it was really just true teamwork. It just makes such a difference when you work with a team who has a positive attitude and really wants to do a good job!

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